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Today's religion choices, Christianity and Judaism!

Created By: Macy Breeden

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          Judaism was established way back in 1300B.C.E.   Judaism is considered to be a monotheistic religion. I know this because they only worship one god, they only believe in Moses (a god).  The religion was started in Israel. The jewish people worship in synagogues, which are jewish churches. The father of Jewdaism is believed to be Abraham.  People of the Jewish religion believe in Moses. There are actually a couple sacred books from the jewish religion such as the Torah, which means the old testament. In the Old Testament there



            Christianity was established all the way back in either 29 C.E. or 30C.E.  Christianity is claimed to be a monotheistic religion.  I know this because monotheistic is the belief in only one god, and they only believe/worship in god. Christianity started in Jerusalem. The people worship in churches.  Jesus  is the one who founded Christianity. A sacred book from Christianity would be the Holy Bible.

is teachings, prophets, and writing. One other sacred book is the Talmud. The Talmud provides instructions on how to follow the Jewish teachings.

The Star of David - The Star of David is named after King David since he is said to have a shield with the star on it.

The Cross - The cross represents the Christian Religion. It also represents Christ's death.




The  Menorah - The Menorah is a symbol of the nation of israel and their mission to be a light onto the other nations.

The Ichthys(fish) - The Ichthys was the acronym for "Jesus Christ God's Son, Savior."

The Dreidel - The Dreidel has four letters that are an acronym that means a great miracle happened there telling us the importance of Hanukkah.

The Star of Bethlahem- The Star of Bethlahem stands for Jesus's birth and the purpose in which he was born.

          One judiac rite of passages/ceremonies is Simchat Bat. Simchat Bat is for baby girls which take place in the synagogue on the first shabbot that follows her birth. During a Simchat Bat the parents are called up for a reading and a blessing.

         One Christian rite of passages/ceremonies is baptism. Baptism can occur any time in your life. It mostly takes place when you are a baby, but you rarely see an adult getting baptised. Baptism is the regeneration and admission to the christian church. To get baptised people get water sprinkled on your head and accompanied by name-giving.

Rites of passages/





        A christian holiday is Christmas. The holiday is celebrated on December 25th. The holiday is celebrated in favor of Jesus's birth. He was born in a stable on that day. Some traditions of Christmas are attending church during the evening on Christmas eve. An advant wreath which has candles on it and you light anouther candle every sunday all the way till Christmas day. One more tradition for Chirstmas is religous Christmas carols that explain the meaning of Christmas through singing.

        A Jewish holiday is Hanukkah. This holiday is celebrated through the evening of December 16th to the evening of December 24th. The holiday is celebrated because of the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Some traditions of Hanukkah are a menorah is lit, has nine places for candles, and on is lit every evening. The dreidel is a game that is played with dice and a dreidel. One last tradition for Hanukkah is gite which is Yiddish word that in English means money and they give money to the teachers and they poor and children.



A Comparison

Current Event

     One summary of a current event for christianity is about pope francis arriving in Bethlehem. In Bethlehem he was invited to in a month pray for peace. While in Bethlehem he prayed for the Israeli separation barrier surrounding the biblical West Bank town. Bethlehem was one of the beginn In Bethlehem he wore a black and white checkered headscarf which is a symbol of the Palestinian cause. Pope Francis is a very caring and thoughtful man and will do as much as he can to help.



One summary of a current event for Judaism is about israel luanching a campain to make Judaism's holiest day (Yom Kippur) a UN holiday. The Israel's ambassador Ron Prosor sent a letter to all the UN members stating that their calendar only recognizes Islam and Christian holidays and he wanted Judaism to be recognized to. Prosor asked 192 more ambassadors to join the campain by signing a letter saying that the UN should recognize Yom Kippur. He thinks it's not fair that Jewish workers in the UN have to work Yom Kippur. Ron Prosor is still fighting for the holiday, but it's not going well since Israel has not had the best relationship between the UN, yet he will keep on trying.