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Red Cross

Help Save a Life.

The Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton in 1881, and ever since they have been devoted to helping those in need from suffering.  It went from a American organization, to a worldwide organization that helps those who need it most on a daily basis.

The Red Cross strives for helping people who are suffering, they do this through volunteer work and donations alike. Common situations that the Red Cross gets involved in are Natural Disasters. Most of the time, the Red Cross is the first organization to respond to these events.

In addition to numerous volunteers, they have many celebrity supporters.  Some of these supporters include Brad Paisley and Eli Manning.

Eli Manning 

Brad Paisley

The Red Cross does a lot more then support of natural disaster victims. The Red Cross supports military personal, military veterans, and their families.  Red Cross volunteers often help these people cope with the challenges of being a part of the military life.