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Like many of her friends, Minnie has a blog. But unlike her friends, she keeps it's location secret. She doesn't link to any one's else blog and she doesn't comment on other blogs using her blog identity . Somehow, though, Edward finds out the URL for Minnie's blog and adds it to the "friends"  list on his blog. Word spreads, and soon everyone has read Minnie's blog. Unfortunately, she has used her blog to criticize most everyone, including other students, teachers, and her parents. Everyone is furious with her.

The Issue 

the issue is Minnie was criticizing every one she knows and kept it as a secret and now everyone knows.


Minnie had a blog that nobody knew about.

 She was saying negative things .

She criticized everyone she knew but they didn't know it was her.

She kept the location a secret.

People Affected

-The students 

-The teachers


-Minnie's Friends

Actions That Could Have Been Taken

Minnie could be banned from the blog

Minnie could have stated positive criticism 

She could have told them how she felt face to face and not on a blog that everybody could see.

Member 1:

In my opinion i think that they should all just sit down and let Minnie give her side of the story. Just to give them her point of view on things.

Member 2:


In my opinion i believe that Minnie should just shut the whole blog down and just take a break from the internet for a while, just to realize the damage and hurt that she has possibly caused to the people around her.


The article that i had found was people misusing the internet. They choose to down talk others and criticize to make others feel less of them selves. In the process i did also come across the fact that social media can cause people to act in ways when no one is around. Comparing the 2 situations are very close because they both deal with doing things social media wise . In the article i read inappropriate pictures were being shown and discussed.

References :

The pages we used were google to find all the information we needed.