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LYNX Touch
Residential Solutions
Your Connected Home
Your Connected Home
Honeywell’s LYNX Touch
self-contained home control system
does so much more than protect
your home and family. It lets you
control your security system,
thermostats, garage doors, lighting,
locks and more—all from one
brilliant, full-color touchscreen.
Your dealer can even custom-design
a system with options that work for
your lifestyle and budget.
Welcome to your connected home!
Sleek, stylish look suits any décor.
LYNX Touch Self-Contained Home Control System
L5100 Connect
iOS App!
Garage Door
Control From
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The sleek, attractive LYNX
Touch features a brilliant,
4.7" full-color touchscreen
that makes security system
operation easier than
ever—with graphics and menu-driven prompts guiding
you every step of the way.
Brilliantly Simple
Easy to Read
The icons and words are large, clear
and easy to read—making it great for
family members of all ages.
Mobility at Home
Download our L5100 Connect iOS app* to
operate LYNX Touch anywhere in your home
on your iPhone
, iPad
or iPod touch
Full Voice Response
For an added level of security, system status and zone descriptions
are clearly spoken.
Customized Information
Customized location-based content for
weather, traffic and news can be delivered
right to the touchscreen. You can opt to view
the weather in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
24/7 Monitoring
You and your family can enjoy peace of
mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by
having your security system monitored
by a central station. These highly trained
home security professionals are always
standing by, ready to send help to your
home in the event of a fire, burglary or
other emergency.
Two-way Voice
When an alarm signal is received, the
optional two-way voice feature lets central
station operators listen in and talk to you
or anyone else on the premises
you that the proper response personnel
will be dispatched at a moment’s notice
should the need arise. Ask your dealer
about availability.
Excluding fire or carbon monoxide alarms.
Emergency Alerts
4G Advanced Alarm Communications
Get tornado alerts in the U.S. and Canada
delivered automatically to the touchscreen
based on zip/postal code (requires
Honeywell Total Connect
with Information
Services Package).
Remote Control From Anywhere
With Honeywell Total Connect Remote
Services, you can operate LYNX Touch
from smartphones and other compatible
mobile devices.
Security and Convenience
, iPad and iPod touch
are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
LYNX Touch finds the best signal in the area, helping to make
sure alarm signals can get through to the central station.
*L5100 Connect iOS app available in Apple
Store for a nominal fee.
Home & Energy Management
When you add home automation capabilities to LYNX Touch, you’ll have centralized,
fingertip control of your garage doors, thermostats, lights, locks and more from one user
interface. You won’t believe how easy it is to stay comfortable, save money and save
energy without having to change your daily routine! You can even set scenes and
schedules. Plus, you can control all of these functions virtually anywhere when using
Honeywell Total Connect
Remote Services.
Garage Door Control**
Control up to three garage doors and
know if they are opened or closed right from
the touchscreen, tablets or any web-enabled
device within your home
Conveniently schedule the garage door to
open at a specific time in the morning before
you leave for work and close by a specific
time every night
Have garage doors automatically close if
left open for a specified period of time or at a
certain time
Auto-secure feature lets you arm the
system with the garage door open, and it
automatically becomes part of the protected
area when closed – no maximum exit delay
times to worry about
**Additional equipment required. Not compatible with
certain garage doors and garage door openers. Garage
door control must have working entrapment protection.
Contact your security professional for details.
Honeywell’s Z-Wave
thermostats can automatically
adjust every time you arm or
disarm LYNX Touch.
*Temperature available in Fahrenheit
or Celsius.
You can turn select indoor
and outdoor lights on or
off every time you arm or
disarm LYNX Touch.
Lock and unlock your doors
using LYNX Touch or the iOS
app on your Apple
You can even use the same
four-digit alarm code to lock and
unlock your doors.
Scenes and Schedules
Creating scenes and schedules with
devices can enhance your
lifestyle and help you save money
and energy without any change in
your daily routine.
For example:
- A “Goodnight” scene could entail
having the doors lock, thermostat
setback and the lights shut off
when you arm your security system
at night
- A schedule might be created to
have the porch and hallway lights
on and the thermostat set to a
specific temperature an hour before
you leave the office so you arrive to
a comfortable, well-lit home
- Groups of devices can be
scheduled to turn on or off at
various times of the day
Open the Door to Convenience!
You can also control your garage door
remotely from anywhere when combining
LYNX Touch with Honeywell Total Connect.
Open the garage door for an important delivery
or close it via your smartphone when someone
forgets. You can also receive
email or text message alerts
if the garage door
is left open accidentally.
Get Connected
With Honeywell Total Connect
Remote Services,
you can perform many of the amazing functions of
LYNX Touch remotely—including Z-Wave
thermostat and lighting control. You can control your
security system and garage doors, receive alerts
about important events via email, text messages or
video alerts—even keep an eye on your home and
family via live, look-in video—from wherever you are.
Whether you use your PC or other compatible mobile
device, the function icons look and operate just like
the ones on LYNX Touch. Free Honeywell Total
Connect apps are available.*
For more information, ask your security dealer.
With LYNX Touch and Honeywell
Total Connect you can:
Know when your children arrive home from
school or if they haven’t by a certain time
Control your garage door remotely and receive
notification if it has been left open
View live, streaming video on up to six cameras
at a time, record and store video clips and have
pictures emailed to you upon an event
Check up on your pets
Receive alerts for extreme temperatures, which
may help indicate a power failure or problems
with furnaces or air conditioners
Know if leaks or floods have been detected in
laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or basements
Know if an elderly relative or loved one
has pressed a panic pendant to summon
emergency help
Find out when motion is sensed in outdoor
areas like pools, patios or driveways
Receive notification if activity is sensed
by protected outdoor surfaces or valuables
Protect indoor valuables from theft by receiving
an alert if they have been moved or disturbed
Find out if off-limits areas have been accessed
*Free Honeywell Total Connect apps for iPhone
or iPad
available now from Apple's iTunes
App Store. Android
smartphone users can visit the Google Play Store. BlackBerry
version can be accessed by Honeywell Total Connect
subscribers at the BlackBerry App World
Store or when logging on to their accounts.
iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Whole House Protection
Safety Protection
Wireless smoke, heat and carbon
monoxide detectors are connected
to your alarm system and can be
monitored 24/7.
Remote Keyfobs
Our compact wireless keyfobs let you
control your security system with
push-button ease.
Honeywell's wireless security products are an excellent
complement to LYNX Touch—providing you with a higher level
of convenience, peace of mind and the complete, whole-house
protection you deserve. Their rock-solid stability and long battery
life make them a popular choice among homeowners, with millions
installed worldwide.
No Mess
Our wireless products help installers
overcome obstacles like brick walls,
cement floors and cathedral ceilings—
resulting in faster, cleaner installations
and preserving the beauty of your home.
Outdoor Protection
Our robust, all-weather wireless outdoor contacts and motion
sensors keep you aware of what’s going on around the exterior
of your home while creating a safer environment.
• Outdoor contacts are used to detect security breaches
on surfaces such as gates, sheds, fences, barns and
detached garages
• Choose wireless outdoor motion sensors when you want to
be aware of movement detected around areas like driveways,
patios and pools
Environmental Sensors
Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and
more, Honeywell’s environmental sensors can notify you when
detecting floods, leaks and extreme temperatures—helping to
minimize the risk of dangerous conditions and damage to your
home and valuables.
Portable Keypads
Wireless keypads are a great
complement to LYNX Touch, offering
portable protection that can be
placed virtually anywhere in your
home. They can also talk to you,
announcing system status clearly.
Theft Prevention
Wireless theft prevention sensors can be easily affixed
to any valuable in your home and alert you when an
attempt is made to move or disturb the object.
Indoor Protection
Indoor motion sensors help safeguard against intruders by
causing the alarm to sound when movement is sensed in
designated areas. They can detect the difference between
intruders and animals—letting pets move freely about
your home without setting off the alarm.
Emergency Help
Our panic pendants provide you with peace of mind by
summoning emergency help with the press of a button. One
or two-button keys let you, an elderly relative or anyone who
may require emergency assistance send signals to the central
station to summon the police or medical response personnel
when an alarm is triggered. Compact and water-resistant,
they can be worn wristband, pendant, belt or keychain style.
For more information:
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Ask your security professional for more
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