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Poetry Project 2017

English 10/ 2nd

Raedin Swafford

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Poem #1 - Found poem from songs

Poem #2 - Blackout Poem

Poem #3 - ABC Poem

Poem #4 - Cinquain Poem

Poem #5 - Haiku Poem

Poem #6 - Bio Poem

Poem #7 - Shape Poem

Poem #8 - Acrostic Poem- Candy

Poem #9 - Elegy Poem

Poem #10 - Tanka Poem

Poem #11 - List Poem

Poem #12 - Limerick Poem

Poem #13 - Senryu Poem

Poem #14 - Epitaph Poem

Poem #15 - Diamante Poem

Slide #18 - Author Bio



Found Poem from songs


Blackout Poem


A is for Amazing, so inspiring


B is for Buoyant, abound with energy


C is for Careful, thoroughly meticulous



Fast, slow

Running, jogging, walking

Running track is great




Raedin has a test

I studied and didn’t rest

I will do the best


Bio Poem



Twin sister of Kevin 

Loves to lay in bed, eat and watch TV

Loved, Anger, Trust

Spiders,not being enough for my future family, being cheated on

A great life as of now

Have a nice car, a nice house, and a nice job


Shape Poem

Pizza is my favorite

It’s good for the soul

Its relaxing

It's the best




Acrostic Poem- Candy

G is for Great, the satisfaction of the flavor

U is for Unique, The texture of the candy

M is for Meaningful, the value of having a piece



You’re missed dearly,

You will never be forgotten.


 All the laughs

I had with you


 I miss you

More than anything


 Rest in peace

You’re missed dearly.


Listen, quiet, still

Gold ice reindeer on the porch

She is draining down

Time claims its victory now

His wrong shadow, painted skin


Cleaning My room:

I wash all my clothes first. Then I wash my bed sheets

I clean my floor and then I put the clothes in the dryer.

I say “ Maybe I should vacuum the floor”

Then I vacuum the floor and the hang my clothes up.

Once my clothes are up I make my bed, and I’m done




Children were playing on Saturday

Who went on a woke everyday

Walked in the night

Feeling alright

Never again went out to play


I love Roam Reigns

We’re married; my new name is

Raedin Reigns



Here lies the body of Raedin Swafford.
It’s hard to believe what she tried.
She tasted the school cafeteria food
and Raedin Swafford done died.





Running, jogging, walking

Beat the timer, lap other teams

Friends,social, fun



Raedin Swafford is currently a Sophmore at Paris High School. She enjoys watching TV and eating all day. She also enjoys watching Netflix and sleeping in class.

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