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19 E Gordon Savannah
19 East Gordon Street, Savannah, Georgia 31401
Lot 30 Montgomery Ward
Lot #30 was sold in 1850 for $700.00 where improvements first appear in the 1855 tax digest
suggesting a house had been built in 1854. The exterior appearance of the present house onthe
lot which is typically post-Civil War, suggests the original 1854 structure was removed and a
new house built. This seems to be supported by the fact that there is a large increase in the
value of improvements from $1200.00 in 1880 to $5700.00 in 1882. In a Savannah Morning
News item of May 26, 1882 which says; “On Gordon near Drayton a two-story brick dwelling
on basement is being erected for John C. Rowland.”
1882 – 1908 J. C. Rowland
Carol Johno Flounder Otter
Carol Sawdye & Johno Morisano
In the spring of 2010, thanks toan Icelandic vol cano, a can celled vacation to Italy an d a hastily put toge ther trip
exploring the American Sou th, Johno Morisano and his wife, Carol Sawdye, spent a memorable thi rty-six hou rs in
Savannah,Georgia. A year later, during a fol low up, weekend visit, the Morisanos bought a home there.
With a primary residence in The National Arts Club (NAC) on Manhattans Gramercy Pa rk, whe r e Johno spent
almost a decade deeply involved in the ar ts, the rene wal of the Club and as an active member of the Board of
Governors, the Morisano’s love of art , aesthetics, architecture and design grew to the point that Savannah, in
many ways, became the pe rfect second city for them. Johno then sought a way to combine these passions with
his love of fo od and wine.
In March of 2013 he purchased an abandoned Greyhound Bus termi nal and in December 2014, after a near two-
year preservation, he opened, wit h his bus iness partner and Chef , Mashama Bailey, The Grey, a res taurant in
Savannahs Histor ic Distr i c t . In its first year, The Grey received a nom inat ion from the James Bea rd Foundation
(JBF) for best designed restau rant in America, won a varie ty of arc hitectural, prese rvat ion and design awards and
was, in 2018 added to National Registe r of His toric Places. The Grey is curr ently Ea ters Restau rant of the Year,
Mashama just rece ived her first JBF Nomination for Bes t Chef So utheast and The Grey has bec ome a Savannah
icon, firmly rooting it and the Morisanos in the Savannah social and cultur al communities.
While Johno became a restaura teur after a career in media, entertainment and the arts, Car ol was also
transitioning into a global role at PwC wher e she is curr ently the Chief Ope rating Officer of the firm’s global
network. In this role, Carol is either on the road, prima rily in Europe, crashi ng at thei r apar tment in NYC or, as
often as practical, wo r king from he r home off ice in Savannah whe re he r companions are the co uple’ s pair of
Rhodesian Ridgebacks Flounder and Otter.
With Savannah becoming the nexus of the couple’ s life , a lar ge r home that would accommodate frequent visits
fro m family and friends,as well as the space to enterta in, was in order. The house at 19 Ea st GordonSt reet met
every need and fill ed every fantasy Carol and John o had for living in Histor ic Savannah and the South.
A step off of Monte rey Square, the ho use is unquestionably unique for Downt o wn living. Its side garden and
multiple side porches capture the imagina tion of all who pass by. A hidden courtyar d and lap pool, ma ster
bedr oom screen por ch and a roof terrace that overlooks Forsyth Park complete the exterior living spa ces.
The interior spaces tell a story of each of the few residen ts who lived in this historic home prior to the
Morisanos. From the grandmid 185 0’s Bosend orfe r pian o that commands the music parlor and was contributed
to the home by a convenience store magnate who raised his children there, to the ar chway s of the gou rmet
kitchen constructed by a previous owner obsessed with al l things Italian ,to the original, soft pine floors tha t bear
the gro ov es, thumps and divots of all the pr evious reside nts, dogs and (alleged) ghosts tha t have roamed the
home since the 1870’s, 19 East Go rdon is living his tor y. And that is jus t the way Carol and Johno like it. They
purposely retained this history when they we r e redesigning the home with thei r good friend Ch uck Chewning as
they felt deeply that, as stewar ds of this home , it was appropriate to add to wha t they inhe rite d ra ther than
overwrite the past.
In 19 Ea st Gordon, Johno and Car ol have found their home. They have, thanks to the geni us of Chuck, made it
theirs whil e still paying homage to those who came befo r e them. There is a th oughtfu l and eclectic nat ur e to
their home that ref lects everything they are about the local art community, family, frie nds, food, wine, his tor y,
their love of New York and Paris, a desire to make thei r guests feel at-home , and the genuine comf or t they take
in living in their own skins. They are proud and humbled to take car e of this piece of Savannah histo r y for some
per iod of time.
Map Reference: EX1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Chuck Chewning
Chuck Chewning has more than thirty years’ experience in the luxury interior design, decorative arts
and architectural preservation industries. Today he runs his own design business, Charles H Chewning
Interiors based in Savannah, Georgia and consults to The Rubelli Group in Venice, Italy on
international projects.
Chewning joined the iconic American lifestyle brand Donghia in 2008 as creative director, a position he
held for eight years in New York City. Here Chewning implemented his vision for enhancing and
elevating the brands legacy globally. In 2015, he designed and curated the exhibition, Angelo Donghia:
Design Superstar, at the New School of Interior Design.
Chewning’s attention to conceptual design development, documentation and management in the
interior design field is coupled with his cross-cultural experience he accumulated from years of working
in London, Istanbul and Milan. In 2014, Chewning became design director of Studio Rubelli, the
interior design division of the Rubelli Group where he worked on prestigious hospitality and resident ial
projects around the world including Longcross, the English country house in Surrey of a royal family, a
new showroom in Paris for the Rubelli Group and the restoration of PalazzoBerlendis in Venice, Italy.
Today, Chewning is working on equally exciting projects in Savannah Georgia, such as the restoration
of the prestigious c. 1916 Armstrong Mansion, a new private townhouse in the Sava nnah Historic
District and a new May river estate in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina through his own design firm
Charles H Chewning Interiors.
In 2013, Chewning completed the much-celebrated restoration of the historic Gritti Palace in Venice,
Italy. For his design, the Gritti was awarded the International hotel & Property Award and was
featured prominently in Architectural Digest (May 2013.) Chewning has also won awards for his work
at The Prince de Ga lles in Paris, The Gr ande Bretagne in At h en s (Architectural Digest, March 2004)
and the One & Only Kanahura in the Maldives, as well as the Hospitality Design Aw a rd (2006) the
European Design Aw a rd (2003 and 2004) and the Golden Key Aw a rd (2004 and 2006.) His
contributions to the design world have been recognized in countless publications including Blue
Camerons 2014 book Conversations: Up Close and Personal with Icons of Fashion, Interior Design,
and Art.
Before joining The Rubelli Group, Chewning founded the interior design firm CCID, Inc. where he
focused on national and global luxury resident ial and hospitality market s. Previously, he worked as a
Senior Associate at HBA, Hirsch Bedner Associates, designing in their Atlanta, London and Milan
offices for more than sixteen years.
Chewning originally received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Historic Preservation of Architecture and
in Interior Design from SCAD, The Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2008, he became the first
recipient of the SCAD Distinguished Alumnus Aw a r d. An honorary scholarship was set up in
Chewning’s name in 2010, inviting notable industry leaders to teach the hist ory of 20th century interior
design at SCAD. Chewning wrote a forward to the newly published book SCAD: The Architecture of
a University.
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19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Entry Hall
Map Reference: LR2
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Living Room
Map Reference: LR3
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Living Room
Map Reference: LR1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Living Room
Map Reference: MR1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Music Room
Map Reference: MR2
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Music Room
Map Reference: PR1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Powder Room
Map Reference: GP1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Garden Porch
Map Reference: EX4
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Map Reference: DR1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Dining Room
Map Reference: DR2
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Dining Room
Map Reference: EX2
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Map Reference: EX5
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Map Reference: FR3
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Family Room
Map Reference: FR1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Family Room
Map Reference: FR2
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Family Room
Map Reference: FR4
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Family Room
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19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Master Bathroom
Map Reference: MB1
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Master Bedroom
Map Reference: MB2
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Master Bedroom
Map Reference: EX6
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Map Reference: EX7
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Map Reference: EX8
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Garden Level
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
First Floor
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Second Floor
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA
Third Floor
19 E Gordon, Savannah, GA