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My name is Daniel Martinez and I chose to do John lasseter for my presentation.

The reason I chose John Lasseter for my presentation is that he is an excellent animator. He was chief creative officer of both Pixar and Disney. John and his team created several Pixar short films before they finally made the world's first computer animated movie, Toy Story.

John Lasseter was born on January 12,1957 in Hollywood,California. Encouraged by his mother, who was an art teacher, he won a drawing contest at the age of 5. He went to the California Institute of the Arts to take the new animation courses they were offering. After graduating, he was able to get a job at Disney's animation studio. However, he was eventually fired in 1983. That's when John and some friends in the computer industry began working on a computer-animated short film. The short film, The Adventures of Andre and Wall B., highlighted the potential of computer-animation. After Steve Jobs bought the company and renamed it Pixar in 1986, John was able to work full-time on the computer-animated genre. John was then named chief creative officer of Disney and Pixar in 2006, when Disney purchased Pixar.





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