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by Bailey Standaloft 




hi my name is tom gates. i


wish school started at eleven


o'clock in the morning not at


quarter to nine.[wich is to


early for me] im rubbish at


getting up at time. it takes


me ages to get my brain


working even longer for my


eyes to get open. 

one friday morning at school, mr 


fullerman was telling everbody about, 


the activity trip next week. "what" to


be honest, i never knew anything


about an activity trip. so i told mr 


fullerman if i could still bring it in a 


note that i hope he will give me. "Did


you loose your note again tom?" so mr


fullerman gave me another note and 


told me bring it as soon as possible and


aspecially not to lose it.



 arfter school, i walked home with my

best friend [derik] and i was hoping i 


wouldent loose the note otherwise


i would get into trouble, when we got 


home i got my mum to sign the note 


for camp she signed it so i got 


permission to go. 



on saturday we went to the 


supermarkets to buy things for 


the school activity trip.and we 


bought all of this toilet paper that i

that i wont need for the activity 


trip. so i just went home.



as we get home i search for the 


note in my bedroom and i find it


under my bed so it means i can



its been nearly a whole week since


mr fullerman gave me another note


form to fill out wich must still be still


in my room somewhere as we drive


home my mom tells not to worry she


says that you can do about it now


tom fill it in when we get back.

its finally the day of the activity 


trip i handed the note in right on


this day so i could i 


hopped on the bus and went off


it took three hours to get to to 


the activity trip.

it is the first day for the activity


trip first we done rock climing 


and i fell off the wall and i hurt 


my ankle.then we done canoeing


but i fell in to the water and got 


bitten by a it came to the


end of the day so i went to sleep

 on the last day i did archery first


i almost got hit by an arrow then


i did the flying fox it felt like i


was going to fall off so thats the


end of the activity trip.