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Work Incidents.

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Costs & causes


Page 2- Reporting incidents.


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Main causes of incidents in the workplace are:

  • complaceny- especially workers who have been in the same role for several years
  • tiredness- especially shift workers
  • ignoring set policies and proceedures
  • not taking sufficient precautions
  • being over confident
  •  insufficient training of new employees
  • lack of concernstration.

Work incidents can be very costly for a business due to the following factors:

  • the need to retrain or replace injured workers
  • loss of productivity with unsafe workplaces
  • increase in workers' compensation premiums
  • legal costs if cases go to court
  • loss of quality staff who will leave if safety is not considered.

Costs & causes of work incidents.


 -Mental health has overtaken physical injury as the cause of the longest absences.

- Work-related injuries and illnesses cost about $60 billion a year.

Reporting Incidents.

 What is the maxium for failing to notify the Regulator for an individual?



If a fatal incident occurs what are the steps you must take?