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This is about Newton's three laws and what he discovered and all experiments he did and his life.

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5-6 Grade Science

Sam Pidde

Newtons Laws of Motion

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Issac Newton

Newton's Laws of Motion

Law 1

Law 2

Law 3

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Issac Newton

He lived to be 85 

years old and was

born on January 4,


Newton's Laws are

called Inertia,Force,

and acceleration.

Issac Newton discovered

3 laws and discovered



Law 1

Law 3

Law 2

Newton's Laws of Motion

Law number one is Inertia.

Law 3 is where every action there is a equal and oppisite reaction.

Law number 2 is accelaration.


An object at rest will stay at rest,unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.Law number 1 is inertia.You have use force to move something. The expression is f=ma.All objects resist having their motion changed.My experiment that I did was the penny and cup experiment.You would have to use force to pull the card fast enough to make the penny go into the cup.

Law 1


The greater the mass of an object,the more force it will take to accelerate an object.Acceleration occurs when a force acts on a mass.A large object requires more force to make it move than a small object. My experiment that I did was the pop can experiment.We would race a full can and an empty and the full can would win.It would because the more mass it has the faster it will go.

Law 2


When one object exerts a force on a second object,the second one exerts a force on the first that is equaled in strength and opposite in direction.A force is a push or a pull that acts upon an object as an result of its interaction with object.For every action,their is an equal and opposite reaction.My experiment that I did was the pool ball experiment.I would have big balls and small balls and medium sized balls and I would hit them together.When the same balls collide they go back the same distance.When the big ball and the small ball collide the small ball goes farther back because it has less mass than the bigger ball.

Law 3


My name is Sam Pidde and I go to Comfrey Public School.I am in the 6th grade.My hobbies are fishing,baseball,basketball,and playing dodgeball.

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