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Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir was born on February 25th, 1984 in Limoges, France. He was the 6th child of a seamstress and tailor, but unfortunately two children before him had died as children. Renoir and his family moved to Paris when he was around the ages of 3-5. He was apprentice to a pocelain painter, and there he learned imitation skills that helped him in his pathway to being an artist. Immitation along with attending art classes taught by Louis Denis Caillouette led him to start recreating and studying the artworks that were at the Louvre since it was so local to him. When Renoir was 21 he entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts which was a famous art school. 


Renoir was able to show his artwork at the annual Paris Salon and there he became a more recoginzed artist. Regardless of his raising profile, he still had difficult times. He had to do commissions of portraits to make a living and stayed with a few friends he gained while at the art school, such as Monet. After taking a year off from painting to go to war against Germany, he came back and joined together with a few artist to show their work on their own. It was the first Impressionist exhibt and it wasn't very successful. 



Impressionism is a 19th-century movement that focused on the scene in front of the painter. It was light feathery brushstrokes and pure colors to make a painting. Impressionist focused on the lighting and moment of the painting. There was a lack of clarity with some paintings, for this they were heavily criticized as being unfinished, like an impression. They spent time outside of their studios and turned to landscapes. 


Bal du moulin de la Galette



Oil on canvas

Le dejeuner des canotiers




Oil on Canvas 





Oil on Canvas

Les Grandes Baigneuses





Oil on Canvas 

La loge 

Bal à Bougival




Oil on Canvas

Madame Georges Charpentier et ses enfants




Oil on Canvas