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It is about a snake. The worlds biggest venomous snake in the entire world.

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By: Brady Eckenrod



The Bushmaster

Dedicated to Lebron James & Stephen Curry, for always being the best basketball players.

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The Bushmaster

By:Brady Eckenrod



Published on Feb. 6,2017 in Mrs. Scott's 5th grade Reading class

Ch.              Title.                Pg.

1                                                        Where it lives.                                                   6

2                                                   invertibrate or vertibrate?                                      8

3                                                         eating habits                                                   10

4                                                         adaptations                                                     12

5                                                           description                                                    14

6                                                         interesting facts                                             16

                                                             about the author                                           18

Table of contents


Bushmaster snakes live in the Amazon Rainforest in South America with all the other snakes similar to the Bushmaster snake.

Chapter 1- Where They Live.




The Bushmaster snake is the 2nd largest venomous snake. They are also vertebrates because they have a backbone\spine.

Chapter 2-Vertibrate or  invertibrate?


Image result for cool pit vipers

Image result for cool pit vipers 



Chapter 3-Eating Habits.

The bushmaster snake eats lizards, mice, insects, and birds to survive

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Chapter 4- Adaptation

The Bushmaster has  special organs that help it adapt to basically any climate.


A Bushmaster snake is strong, brown/yellow/greenish, they are extremely long and have tall eyes. 

Chapter 5-description

Chapter 6-Interesting facts.

The Bushmaster snake has a heat sensing system, they are nocturnal,and their scientific name Lachesis.

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