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The Holistic Treatments

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The web is a frightening and adventurous place.  Online information can be exciting or wrong!  In a race for your life, time is valuable.  Why make similar mistakes? 

The video(s) you see here are for your knowledge.  Don't let fear stop your progress. Face all fears, sounds crazy, trust me fear will hinder your life.   Turn fear into action; by combining several processes for life.  I used alternative methods including prayer as my personal combination, it saved my life!

Remember, I am not a doctor.  Nor, do I endorse any video information here.  

Understanding your body may save your life!! With any illness study it!  Then change your life style.  Please, have no fear!  Fear is a killer and will isolated your healing progress. 

Malignant Mesothelioma, coronal CT scan.
Legend: the malignant mesothelioma is indicated by yellow arrows, the central pleural effusion is marked with a yellow star. (1) right lung, (2) spine, (3) left lung, (4) ribs, (5) aorta, (6) spleen, (7) left kidney, (8) right kidney, (9) liver. "Wikipedia"


If your immune system and other factors are healthy, with the application of additional components, in my opinion, you stand a better chance of survival. Cancer cells are radical cells but medications, including chemotherapy, destroy each healthy cell.   Waiting 30 days before starting traditional treatment, chemotherapy, was due to my faith and determination. As a spiritual person, my dealings with dying were creative and calming. I became organic in my lifestyle, thinking,and desires.  I removed negativity, utilizing the skills of forgiveness, consciousness  of  my spirituality, and awareness of my purpose on Earth.
Diagnosis reports and prognosis reporting from physicians are overwhelming.  Their conversations with you can leave you totally dependent on them as your source of hope.  Looking back on that day, the diagnosis left me hopeless, feeling as if the world had stopped.  Desiring to search for additional information left me frantic.  Time, according to physicians, was getting shorter with every breath.  One day each week, I drove 100 miles for part of my holistic treatment.
I was in a desperate race to save my life.  Time to find a cure was urgent.  Searching the internet included discovering a variety of
strange and bazaar potential solutions for my deadly cancer. 
Thirty days and $$$$$ later, I decided to share several methods of treatment with those suffering.  "If I live, I'am dedicated to providing
the World with an action plan."  Understand, even if your disease is different, restoring your immune system is leverage in your battle.
Is this comprehensive for all cancers?  I can only attest to my cancer
and plan. This is not a medical site.  This information is to encourage, motivate, offer you a person to listen, give you hope and ideas in the midst of the storm.  We all develop cancer cells.  Remember, we all
have an immune system. 

Cancer cells are radical cells but medications, including chemotherapy, destroy normal and abnormal cells.  Destroying the radical or dysfunctional cancer cells is awesome but your immune system must function properly.  Lack of a functional immune system through the destruction of healthy cells can produce infections, side effects, and hospitalization.   Genetics.... is another component, we will touch on later.


My plan worked and within 30 days the tumor began to shrink.  In that short time, my immune system started to restore itself.  I continued my regimen despite warnings from my doctor that my holistic plan would counteract the benefits of my chemotherapy. 
Just the opposite happened, and my body began to heal.  My plan with the oncologist's plan definitely worked.  With nothing to lose, I took a chance to save my life.  Thanks to my oncologist for not discouraging me while I created my plan. She watched it work and celebrated my victory.



30 Days Tumor Is Shrinking!

Tumor Size 3c

The tumor can be any size and has spread to lymph nodes in the armpit and under the breast bone, or to nodes above or below the collarbone, but there is no further spread.

Triple-negative breast cancer

Triple-negative breast cancer refers to any breast cancer that does not express the genes for estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and Her2/neu.[1] Five-year survival rates also tend to be lower for triple-negative breast cancer. A 2007 study of more than 50,000 women with all stages of breast cancer found that 77% of women with triple-negative breast cancer survived at least 5 years, versus 93% of women with other types of breast cancer. Another study of more than 1,600 women published in 2007 found that women with triple-negative breast cancer had a higher risk of death within 5 years of diagnosis, but not after that time period. The recurrence and survival figures in these and other studies are averages for all women with triple-negative breast cancer. Factors such as the grade and stage of the breast cancer will influence an individual woman’s prognosis.

Loss of hair, my only side effect. I have medical records to verify all my statements are true. My immune system fought against this invader. My personal treatment plan was independent of medical science. However, I worked with medical science for a complete treatment plan. My treatment plan accomplished what it set out to do, in the first 30 days, prior to chemotherapy. 
The goal; To stop any further damage to my body; restore my cells to normal; fight cancer cells; stop the spread of cancer throughout my lymph nodes; and complete treatments successfully. I did just that: Complete treatment successfully. The mass vanished, no side effects but hair, no hospitalization, and my lymph nodes cleared. At my doctor's amazement, she called me blessed!

Cancer Vanished!

1. Find strength and connect with your   Spiritual source through prayer.

 2.  Seek other believers that will not doubt or feel sorry, but fight and stand with you in your faith.


​3. Stay focused and replace all negativity around you with the positive.


​4. See yourself in battle.  Build up your spiritual defense.  This is war!


​5. Search your heart and cleanse your spirit.

 ​6. Acknowledge  the disease  never embrace it!  Work, using every method to fight against it!


7. Recognition will open a new world and allow you to heal from within.

8. This foreign invader needing destroying from the root. 

9. Maintain your medical independence during the process.   

**  Don't be afraid to explore new natural methods​.

Fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.

Every fruit and herb from the Garden of Eden is for our healing.  As  living, organic, earthly bodies, proper nourishment is essential.  Our immune system requires proper fuel to function properly.  Having no idea of an organic or healthy lifestyle, my faith was put to the test.  

Like most people, I ate and lived on processed, hormone-filled, and pesticide-laden foods.  The first order of business after my diagnosis was to detox my body. We all have different
schedules and lifestyles.  So find a program that works for you.