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If their are any questions contact this number for the school: ---.---.---


A lot of yellow, pink and baby blue colors. Flowers, bright colored streamers, butterfly decorations, flower crowns made by students, and a little flower to clip to mens shirts. Warm colors. Plastic Records. Jukebox.

Food that will be offered: 

  • Cheez Wiz
  • Mini pigs in a blanket
  • Fruit punch 
  • Potato salads
  • Jello 
  • Spam and cheese loaf
  • Meatloaf 
  • Seven-up floats
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Cherry nut angel cake
  • Rice Krispies!
  • Devilled eggs 
  • Vegetables 
  • And more food we eat today like french fries and hamburgers.  


  1. Attire: It will be a semi-formal event. Easy to move about clothes are preferred, skirts, light casual dresses for the women. Dressy shorts for men and a plaid shirt are preferred. 

  2. Behavior: We will not condone inappropriate behaviors such as PDA, drinking alcoholic beverages, any form of sexual activity, fighting of any sort, or rudeness. 

  3. Dance Moves: Appropriate dance moves only, nothing sexual or anything that will offend another person. 

Playlist of songs: 

Sam Cooke ‘You Send Me’, Glenn Miller “In the Mood’, Benny Goodman ‘SING, SING, SING’, Bobby Darin ‘mack the knife’, The diamonds, ‘Little Darlin’, Fats Domino ‘Blue Monday’, Fats Domino ‘Blueberry Hill’ Barrett Strong ‘Money (that's what I want)’, ‘Hound Dog’ Presley,  Frankie Avalon ‘Venus’, Little richard ‘Keep on Knocking’, ‘I've got a woman’ Ray Charles, ‘when you dance’ Hear’s little Richard,‘Great balls of fire’ Jerry lee lewis, ‘Jailhouse Rock’, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darlin ‘Splish Splash’, ‘little brown jug’ Glenn Miller, Glen Miller ‘American Patrol’, ‘Whole lotta shakin goin on’ Jerry Lee lewis, Bo Diddley ‘Bo Diddley’, Chuck Berry ‘Maybellene’, ‘Don’t be cruel’ Elvis Presley, ‘your cheating heart’ Hank William, ‘Fever’ Little Willie John,

Dance off songs: 

Chuck Berry, ‘Johnny B. Goode’, Ray Charles ‘What’d I say’, Little Richard ‘Tutti Frutti’

Solo by senior guitarist

Slow Songs: ‘Earth Angel’ the Penguins, ‘that’s amore’ Dean Martin, 

Then thank you’s. 

You may bring another person from a fellow school ONLY if they are within the ages of a high schooler and they attend a neighboring high school. You are only aloud to bring ONE Person.

This event is taking place in the High Schools gymnasium on April 9th,1959.

The event is from 8:30 pm to 10 pm.

Administration Price: 25 cents per person, and 30 cents for person not from the New London NH High school.

NH High School SockHop Dance

Welcome to Spring!