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 H A N D B O O K
Overview of Chesterfield County Public Schools 3
School Board 3
Mission Statement 3
Your Employment 3
Contract Months 3
Probationary Period 4
Attendance 4
Holidays 4
Inclement Weather 5
Pay Days and Deductions 5
Employee Dress 5
Weapons 6
Website and CNET 6
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting 6
Position Vacancy Announcements 6
Personnel Records 6
Employment Verification 7
Resignations 7
Leave Time 7
Court Appearance Leave 7
B. Family and Medical Leave 7
C. Leave of Absence Without Pay 7
D. Military Leave 8
E. Personal Leave 8
F. Sick Leave 8
G. Extended Sick Leave 8
H. Sick Leave Bank 8
I. Leave Donation 9
Vacation (Annual) Leave 9
Human Resources Policies 9
Equal Employment Opportunity 9
Non-School Employment 9
C. Sexual Harassment 10
D. Drug-Free Workplace 10
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting 10
Computer and Internet Use 10
Use of Social Networking Sites By CCPS Employees 11
Performance Evaluations 11
Discipline 11
Grievance Procedure 11
Workers’ Compensation 12
Hazard Communication 12
Requirement to Report Criminal Charges, Convictions, and Pleas 12
Tobacco-Free Policy 13
Benefits 13
Tuition Assistance 13
Chesterfield Federal Credit Union 13
Discount Programs 13
Tax Sheltered Annuity/Deferred Compensation 13
VRS Retirement 13
VRS Life Insurance 13
Flexible Benefits 14
Employee Medical Center 14
Health Insurance 14
Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance 14
Employee Assistance Program 15
Welcome to Chesterfield County Public Schools!
I wish I could personally thank each member of Team Chesterfield for the good work you  
are about to do. You have chosen to be part of one of the most important professions in
the world, and that decision will make a difference in the lives of many.
Our school division receives thousands of applications each year from people seeking to
join our team. Please understand the trust and value we have placed in you; we only hire
the best. We have great hopes and high expectations, but most importantly we want you
to love your job! So please let us know what we can do to support you.
You and I are part of an educational team that is recognized across the country as a
high-achieving, student-focused school district. With your hard work and creative ideas,
Chesterfield County Public Schools will continue to move forward as we prepare students
to succeed in a rapidly changing world. I’m glad you are part of our team. I know we’re
off to great places, and that you’ll do great things.
Best wishes,
James F. Lane, Ed.D.
The Employee Handbook is intended to serve as a quick reference for many issues relating
to your employment with Chesterfield County Public Schools. The contents should not be
interpreted as a contract, or an invitation to contract, between Chesterfield County Public
Schools and any of its employees. Should there be a conflict between any statement,
fact or figure presented in the handbook and the current official regulations and policies,
the latter takes precedence.
All employees have the responsibility to keep themselves informed of policies relating to
their employment. In order to remain current, the Employee Handbook addresses most
topics briefly. Detailed information on the subjects covered in the handbook and other
policies affecting employment may be obtained through the Chesterfield County Public
Schools Policy Manual or the Human Resources Department. The Policy Manual may be
accessed via the Chesterfield County Public Schools website
(; the Employee Handbook may be accessed via the
Chesterfield County Public Schools Human Resources CNet page.
Donald R. Fairheart, MBA

Interim Superintendent

Beginning in 1870, Virginia established a program of free statewide public education.
During that year, Beverly Augustus Hancock, of Manchester, was named Superintendent
of Chesterfield schools. For the 1906-1907 school session, the public school student
population of the county was 5,212. The average school year consisted of seven months.
According to various reports, there were 90 small schools, mostly one-room buildings,
scattered throughout the county. A high point was Chester’s three-room building, which
boasted one room exclusively for the two high school grades.
Today, families continue to make Chesterfield a first-choice community in part because of
the public school system, named among the top school districts in the nation that “have
what parents want,” according to national organizations. More than 58,000 students
attend 63 schools, making Chesterfield County Public Schools one of the 100 largest
school districts in the country.
School Board
The governing authority of Chesterfield County Public Schools is vested in the members of the
School Board, who are elected by district constituency. Each year a chair and vice chair are
selected by a majority vote of the School Board.
The School Board adopts policy to provide for the day-to-day supervision of schools; ensures
that the school laws are properly explained, enforced and observed; provides for the
consolidation of schools or redistricting of school boundaries; and performs such other duties
as are prescribed by the Virginia Board of Education or as are imposed by law.
Mission Statement
Crafted by the School Board, the mission of Chesterfield County Public Schools is to work in
partnership with students, families and the community to ensure that each student
acquires the knowledge, skills and core values necessary to achieve personal success and
enrich the community.
Website and CNET
Valuable information about Chesterfield County Public Schools and employment may be
obtained from the school system’s website at and CNet.
Contract Months
Chesterfield County Public School employees occupy 10-, 11-, or 12- month positions.
Employee contract months are dependent upon the specific job position.
Probationary Period
1. Classified Positions
Classified positions are defined as positions that do not require a license issued by
the Virginia Department of Education. Classified employees are required to serve a
six-month probationary period. This period provides the opportunity for employees
to evaluate their job situation and for supervisors to assess job performance.
Employees may be terminated at any time during this period if they are unable or
unwilling to perform duties satisfactorily. 
2. Teachers
Teachers new to Chesterfield County Public Schools who possess continuing
contract status in another Virginia school division shall serve a two-year
probationary period. New teachers who do not possess continuing contract status
shall be required to serve a probationary term of service of five years with
Chesterfield County Public Schools before being issued a continuing contract.
Generally, probationary teachers are not allowed to transfer school locations during
their probationary period.
3. School Administrators
Principals, assistant principals and school administrators who require a Virginia
Department of Education license to hold their jobs must serve a probationary term
of three years in such position, in the same school division, in order to acquire
continuing contract status in the position.
Employees are expected to report to work in accordance with the schedule assigned by
their supervisor. Employees are responsible for informing the supervisor as soon as possible
if they expect to be late or absent. Guidance should be sought from the supervisor
regarding the procedure for reporting absences. Failure to appropriately notify the
supervisor of reporting issues may result in disciplinary action, up to and including
1. Holidays
Holidays are granted to employees based upon their contract month status. An “X” in
the chart below denotes the holidays afforded each contract month category.
Labor Day
Day Before Thanksgiving
Day After
Winter Break
New Year's Day
Martin Luther
King Day
President’s Day
Spring Break
Memorial Day
Independence Day
2. Inclement Weather
In the event the public schools are to be closed due to inclement weather or other
emergencies, employees may access information by:
checking their Chesterfield County Public Schools email account;
tuning in to Comcast Channel 96 or Verizon Channel 26;
checking the Chesterfield County Public Schools’ website at;
checking Facebook ( schools); or
listening to local radio and television stations.
3. Pay Days and Deductions
Paychecks are processed for all permanent employees twice a month, normally on the
day of the month and the last workday of the month.
The school division is required by law to make withholding deductions for federal and
state income taxes (based upon completed tax withholding certificates) and Social
Security taxes. In addition, deductions may be arranged for banks, credit unions, tax
sheltered annuities, etc., provided that employees have authorized them in writing.
Employee Dress
Employees are considered to be representatives of the school division and are required to
dress and groom themselves in a manner that portrays a professional image. Any manner of
dress or personal hygiene that is disruptive to the work of the school division or to those being
served shall be considered inappropriate.
Carrying, bringing, using or possessing any firearm, dangerous device or dangerous or deadly
weapon in any school building, on school grounds, in any school vehicle or at any
school-sponsored activity without the authorization of the school or the school division is
prohibited and is grounds for disciplinary action.
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Reporting
Any employee who has knowledge of or a reason to suspect an occurrence of fraud,
waste or abuse should immediately report the occurrence to his or her supervisor or the
Chesterfield County Internal Audit Department. Reporting options include:
Fraud Hotline
P.O. Box 40 Chesterfield, VA 23832
In Person
10021 Ironbridge Road
Position Vacancy Announcements
Chesterfield County Public Schools position vacancy announcements are posted within the
Human Resources Department and on the division website at
Individuals interested in applying for vacancies may apply online via the school system’s
website. 
Personnel Records
Official personnel records containing employment information pertaining to employees
are maintained in the Human Resources Department. In accordance with the Privacy Act
of Virginia, the confidentiality of each record is protected and access to records is limited.
Employees have the right to review their own personnel records. Employees wishing to review
their records should make an appointment with the Human Resources Department.
Employees should report any changes in status to the Human Resources Department to ensure
that personal information is accurate and updated.
Employment Verification
The Human Resources Department provides employment verification for employees. A signed
authorization from the employee must be received before verification is given.
To resign in good standing, employees should notify their supervisor at least two calendar
weeks (14 days) before the last day of work.
Leave Time
1. Court Appearance Leave
A leave of absence may be granted to an employee to serve on a jury or to attend
court on a matter relating to the school system as a witness under subpoena. In a case
not involving the employee in his or her capacity as a School Board employee, the
employee shall not be granted court appearance leave; however the time may be
charged to personal leave, vacation leave or leave without pay.
2. Family and Medical Leave
Chesterfield County Public Schools provides eligible employees with up to 12 weeks of
family and/or medical leave in accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of
Family and medical leave may be taken for the following reasons:
the birth of a child;
the placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care;
to care for a spouse, son, daughter or parent with a serious health condition;
the employee’s own serious health condition, which renders the employee
unable to perform the functions of his/her position.
Eligible employees must be employed for at least 12 months and must have worked at
least 1,250 hours (979 hours in certain positions) during the 12-month period preceding
the commencement of the leave.
3. Leave of Absence Without Pay
Short-term Leave Without Pay
Employees are eligible to take leave without pay, not to exceed five days, with
prior approval of the Superintendent or designee.
Extended Leave Without Pay
A leave of absence without pay may be granted to any employee with at least
three consecutive years of service in the school division based on
documentation provided and detailed information indicating the reason for the
request. Based on satisfactory job performance, leave may be granted for illness,
family demands, education or military leave. The leave may not exceed one
contractual year. 
4. Military Leave
Military leave may be authorized, with or without pay, for eligible employees.
Members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Reserve or the
National Guard are eligible for up to 15 working days of paid military leave each year
for federally funded military training. Application for military leave should be made
immediately upon receipt of official orders or a training schedule.
5. Personal Leave
Full-time 10- and 11-month employees are eligible to earn two personal leave days per
year with unlimited accumulation. During the first year of employment, employees hired
before Jan. 1 earn two days; employees hired after Jan. 1 earn one day. 
Personal leave, the use of which may not exceed five days in any school year, may be
used to conduct essential personal matters that cannot be transacted during off-duty
6. Sick Leave
Employees may use sick leave when there is a health related need to be off from work.
The following employees are eligible to earn sick leave:
full-time employees;
permanent part-time employees in the Departments of Food Services,
Transportation and Facilities; and/or
any other part-time employees who work 50 percent or more of a specified
contract period except summer school, evening school, or substitute
Employees may be required to submit verification of the need to use sick leave at any
7. Extended Sick Leave
In a case of prolonged personal illness which results in the depletion of all an
employee’s accumulated sick and personal leave days, the Superintendent or his/her
designee may approve up to an additional 20 days of sick leave to an employee with
five or more years of employment in the school division. The rate of pay for those days
shall be based upon 75 percent of the employee’s per diem rate.
8. Sick Leave Bank
The Sick Leave Bank is a voluntary leave donation program that provides an income
replacement benefit to those participants who are suffering from a potentially terminal
and/or catastrophic and prolonged health condition. All full-time employees may elect
to participate in the sick leave bank.
9. Leave Donation
Under certain circumstances, an active or retiring employee may donate sick leave
days to the Sick Leave Bank for the express usage of that leave for a specific employee.
Use of donated sick leave is limited to 30 days and may be used to cover the 30-day
waiting period prior to Sick Leave Bank usage. 
10. Vacation (Annual) Leave
Only permanent status 12-month employees are eligible to earn vacation leave.
Vacation leave accrues each pay period as follows:
Zero to 10 years job related experience as granted at time of employment:
1.25 days per month and one bonus day credited on June 30. Maximum
accumulation of 288 hours.
More than 10 years job related experience as granted at time of
employment: 1.5 days per month and two bonus days credited on June 30.
Maximum accumulation of 360 hours.
Permanent part-time 12-month employees who work 50 percent or more of
a specified contract period shall accrue vacation leave on a proportional
basis. 
On Oct. 1 of each year, vacation leave, including accumulation for bonus days, is
reduced to the maximum accumulation allowed.
Equal Employment Opportunity
Chesterfield County Public Schools is an equal employment opportunity employer and does
not discriminate against any group or individual on the basis of race, color, religion, disability,
national origin, political affiliation, age or sex. 
Equal employment opportunity relates to every aspect of employment policy and practice
including recruitment, testing, selection, assignment, pay, conditions of work, training, leave,
overtime, promotion, discipline, demotion and separation.
The individual holding the following position has been designated to address inquiries
regarding non-discrimination policies and specific complaints of alleged discrimination:
Coordinator of Human Resources
Chesterfield County Public Schools
9900 Krause Road
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832
(804) 748-1984
Non-School Employment
No employee shall accept employment in any private business or outside activity that will, in
the opinion of the Superintendent or Superintendent’s Designee, negatively impact the
employee’s job performance or otherwise adversely affect the school division.
Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal/ physical conduct of
a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment.
Chesterfield County Public Schools endeavors to provide a work environment that is
conducive to the performance of job duties and free from intimidation or coercion of any
form. The school division upholds a stringent policy against all forms of discrimination including
sexual harassment.
Drug-Free Workplace
The unlawful manufacturing, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of a controlled
substance (including alcohol or anabolic steroids) by an employee on school property, at any
school activity or on any school-sponsored trip is prohibited. 
Any employee convicted of a drug-related criminal offense must notify the Superintendent
within five days after such conviction. Compliance with this provision is a condition of
Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting
Every employee of Chesterfield County Public School who, in his or her professional or official
capacity, has reason to suspect that a child is an abused or neglected child, in compliance
with the Code of Virginia § 63.2-1509 et seq. shall immediately report the matter to:
the local department of social services where the child resides or where the abuse or
neglect is believed to have occurred;
to the Virginia Department of Social Services’ toll-free child abuse and neglect hotline;
to the person in charge of the school or department, or his designee, who shall make
the report forthwith to the local or state agency.
Any person required to file a report who fails to do so as soon as possible, but not longer than
24 hours after having reason to suspect a reportable offense of child abuse or neglect, shall be
fined not more than $500 for the first failure and for any subsequent failures not less than $100
nor more than $1000.
Computer and Internet Use
For many employees, Chesterfield County Public Schools provides a computer system,
including access to the Internet. These resources are provided for the purpose of producing
work output and facilitating information sharing, innovation and communication. 
All users have the responsibility of utilizing the computer system and Internet for work related
activities and in a considerate, ethical and lawful manner.
1. Use of Social Networking Sites By CCPS Employees
CCPS recognizes the value of student, teacher, parent, and community interaction on
social networking sites that are designed for specific educational purposes and directly
tied to CCPS curriculum and instruction. 
With respect to social networking, employees are expected to make student internet
safety, including the protection of students’ personal information, a priority. CCPS
therefore does not recommend that any employee establish an online social
networking relationship with a currently enrolled CCPS student on his or her personal
social networking site(s).
For the protection and safety of both employees and students, employees should
consider limiting internet contact and communication with such students to available
school division-approved, work related social networking resources made available
through the CCPS network.
Performance Evaluations
Performance evaluations serve to inform employees of how well they are performing on the
job and provide opportunities to discuss career development. They also assist in determining
training, awards, reassignment, promotion, transfers, reduction in grade, retention, and
termination of employees.
Job performance is evaluated regularly in order to identify job-related strengths and areas
that may need improvement. Supervisors shall discuss evaluations with employees and make
recommendations, pointing out strong performance areas and areas where improvement is
Employees may be disciplined and/or terminated for violation of school division or
Departmental policies and rules, unsatisfactory job performance or for other just cause.Types
of disciplinary actions include oral or written reprimands, suspension, disciplinary
demotion or unsatisfactory service separation.
Grievance Procedure
Grievance procedures have been established for eligible employees who wish to grieve
matters involving:
disciplinary actions including dismissal or placing on probation;
application or interpretation of policies, procedures, rules and regulations;
certain acts of reprisal for filing or processing a grievance; or
complaints of discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, political affiliation,
handicap, age, national origin or sex.
Employees who have concerns regarding these matters should bring them to the attention of
their immediate supervisor. If the matter is not satisfactorily resolved after informal discussion
with the immediate supervisor, an eligible employee may formalize his/her grievance in
accordance with the applicable procedure.
Adherence to time limitations when filing and processing grievances is critical. The failure of
an employee to comply with substantial procedural requirements shall terminate the
employee’s right to any further proceedings on the grievance unless just cause for such failure
can be shown.
Instructions on the grievance process, along with policies and appropriate forms, are available
in the Human Resources Department. The policies are also published in the Chesterfield
County Public School Policies Manual.
Workers’ Compensation
All employees are covered under the provisions of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.
Protection begins on the first day of employment for work-related injuries or illnesses that are
deemed compensable.
Employees must report any job-related injury or illness immediately to their supervisor. If
medical treatment is necessary, employees select physicians from an authorized list and
should proceed to the most conveniently located medical facility.
Approved Workers’ Compensation claims provide partial income replacement, medical care
and rehabilitative services.
Hazard Communication
On Aug. 17, 1984, the Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board adopted the Federal OSHA
Hazard Communication Standard, CFR 1910.1200. The standard is designed to ensure the
evaluation of chemicals to determine their hazard and apprise workers of the hazards with
which they work. Individual schools/departments will inform employees of their specific hazard
communication plan.
Requirement to Report Criminal Charges, Convictions, and Pleas
Every employee is required to report any felony or misdemeanor charge (including any traffic
offense charged as a felony or misdemeanor) to the employee’s supervisor within five (5)
calendar days immediately following any such charge.
In addition, every employee is required to report the conviction of or plea of guilty or no
contest to any felony, misdemeanor, crime of moral turpitude or other criminal act, or
placement on probation to the employee’s supervisor within five (5) calendar days
immediately following any such conviction or plea.
Tobacco-Free Policy
The use of all tobacco products is prohibited at all times anywhere on school division property.
Tuition Assistance
Full-time employees of Chesterfield County Public Schools are eligible to apply for tuition
assistance. Coursework must meet specific requirements as indicated in the Tuition Assistance
. Additional information regarding tuition assistance may be found on the Professional
Development Department CNet page.
Chesterfield Federal Credit Union
Employees are eligible to participate in the Chesterfield Federal Credit Union. The credit
union provides members with a payroll deduction method for saving money and a number of
other financial services. For more information, access
Discount Programs
Several local vendors and merchants offer discount programs to school employees.
Chesterfield County Public Schools does not endorse or recommend particular merchants or
vendors, but makes available the names of those offering discounts to employees. 
Tax Sheltered Annuity/Deferred Compensation
Chesterfield County Public Schools offers employees 457(b) and 403(b) deferred
compensation plans. Employees are eligible to participate in these IRS-approved methods for
deferring federal and state income taxes on savings until retirement. Participants have the
opportunity to select and combine investments in order to carefully construct a supplemental
retirement plan that effectively protects and builds retirement dollars.
VRS Retirement
After five years of service, full-time permanent employees are eligible for an employer paid
retirement benefit through the Virginia Retirement System. Employees may obtain
personalized statements indicating the amount of employee service credit, total contributions
plus interest and projected retirement benefits by accessing
VRS Life Insurance
Life insurance is provided to full-time permanent employees through the Virginia Retirement
System at the rate of two times their annual salary. The accidental death clause of the
insurance allows a payment of four times the employees’ annual salary. The plan provides
lump sum payments for the accidental loss of limbs and eyes.
An optional life insurance plan is also available to employees. The plan is administered by the
Virginia Retirement System and is underwritten by the Minnesota Life Insurance Company. The
plan provides full-time permanent employees covered by VRS the opportunity to purchase
additional group life insurance. A brochure explaining the plan, cost and enrollment may be
obtained from the Human Resources Department, Division of Compensation and Benefits.
Flexible Benefits
Under IRS Code Section 125, Chesterfield County Public Schools provides payroll deductions
for employees who voluntarily elect to participate in the Cafeteria or Flexible Benefits Plan. A
Cafeteria or Flexible Benefits Plan allows employees to choose from a menu of qualified
benefits with the cost of the selected benefit(s) paid on a pre-tax basis. The premiums paid by
employees for individual and/or family medical coverage, child or dependent care, and
supplemental insurance (e.g., cancer, disability, hospital indemnity, accident, certain life
insurance policies, etc.) may be paid with pre-tax salary dollars through payroll deduction.
Employees become eligible for this benefit immediately upon hire. The plan year is an
established 12-month period. No changes may be made during a plan year unless there has
been a change in the employee’s family status (e.g., marriage, divorce, death, birth, adoption
and termination of employment). Upon separation from employment, it is the responsibility of
employees to notify the appropriate insurance company.
Employee Medical Center
The Employee Medical Center serves the employees of Chesterfield County government and
public schools. The center is staffed by board-certified medical providers who are trained to
diagnose and treat illnesses and write prescriptions when medically necessary. More
information is available online through the CCPS portal.
Health Insurance
Full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the county’s group health insurance program.
Medical and dental benefits are provided through selected insurance carriers. The school
division pays a fixed portion of employee insurance coverage. The remainder of the premium
is deducted from the employee’s paycheck.
Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance
Long-term care and disability insurance is available to employees through third-party vendors.
The Human Resources Department, Division of Compensation and Benefits, may be contacted
for additional information.
Employee Assistance Program
Chesterfield County Public Schools provides resources to all full-time and part-time employees
who may need assistance with various personal concerns through the Employee Assistance
Program. 
The EAP is designed to assist employees and their family members with a variety of personal
concerns such as depression, stress, divorce, family matters, marital problems, grief, child and
elder care, legal problems, drug and alcohol abuse, etc. 
The EAP is a free, voluntary and confidential service and provides up to eight free sessions per
personal issue.