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My Poetry Project

By: Uriah Richardson

For every When? There is a Why
For every push, there is a pull
For every truth there is a lie
For every fall there is a fool
For every Where? There is a How
For every Heaven, there is a Hell
For every moment there is a now
For every nose there is a smell
For every foe there is a friend
For every smile there are many tears
For every start there is an end
When every day we face our fears

Gordon David 



 Introduction Poem

I am Uriah Richardson.

 My favorite color is orange.

I have 4 awesome brothers.

7 is my favorite number.

I love english.

My dad is a acrobat.

I am 13 years old

I am allergic to orange juice

I love raspberries.

I am Uriah Richardson

Whispering Willows

Bare bark on the dead pine

Fall came to it's en


Senryu Poem

Abandoned mansion

No soul, no sound, not a peep

the house reeks of weep

 Concrete Poem

tick tock tick tock 

goes the mini clock

Solid Gold

made to fold

the kids groan

as they watch the watch

tick another notch

Cinquain Poem


A new season.

Wind rustling bright trees.

A warm glowing feeling inside.



A cool breeze through Winter trees.

Vivid flowers blossom during Spring.


sunlight roars through the weak clouds.


Leads to gray



Limerick Poem

There once was a poptart.

It had a very smelly fart.

A tiny boy noticed it.

So he ate a bit.

He said it tasted tart

A creek in the night,

so frosty and cold.

The night shreaks thrilled the air,

with terrofying hallucinations.

A fire would do,

but not a spark could catch a twig

and not a twig could catch a flame.

Frostbite soon took over.

what once was a mighty knight

is now dead with the night.

Free Verse

A macaroni attacked me.

Yellow as a daisy,

cheesy and soggy.

Splat, right against my cheek.

I tried to stab with my plastic spork,

but it was a wet soap bar.

The demon launched at me

opened mouth.

The tube of death was pierced by my knife.

"It is hooked" I shouted

The golden trout was gone.

The thin beast was devoured in my presence.

Chewed and swallowed.

The curved killers spree came to a halt.


Mythical Beast Poem

Epitaph Poem 


My Teddy Bear

Heres to my dead teddy bear

I threw you off a skyscraper

You weren't as sweet as the candy in my mouth

The flavorful cherry jolly rancher

Tingling my taste buds

You didn't compare to my jade eyes

With it's marvelous twinkle

That brightens the gloomy night

But I think of you everytime I see a tall building

I live on a strawberries tip.

It's like a unicorn death ship.

The strawberry beats me with her whip.

Her (The starberry) potatoes match her chocolate hip.

Bannanas make her dip.

Bannanas love to backflip.

I live with Ron the rainbow lip.


Doodle Poem

Two Tone Poem

I am a burnt orange,

alive, animated, yet relaxed.

Ready for action, ready to chill.

Most days I am this warm burnt orange.

But when I am not,

I'm some monsterous gloomy violet.

A slight whisper is all that comes out.

A miniscule ant in this huge ant pile.

On that scarse day I am a scared racoon,

but not today, today I am burnt orange.

Backward Poem

Because it writes the truth

Because it writes so smooth

Because I use it in school

Because ink is cool

Because my pen is for men

I like my pen


Imagery- The use of concrete details that appeal to the five senses.

Cacophony- A succession of harsh, jolting sounds.

Euphony- A succession of smooth, harmonius sounds.

Assonance- The repition of vowel sounds followed by unlike consonant sounds in stressed words or syllables.

Rhymes- The repition of word-ending sounds, specifically the repition of accented vowels sounds plus succeeding sounds

Rhymes scheme- The pattern of rhymes in a stanza or poem. It is identified by the letters of the alphabet.

Internal rhymes- Rhyme that occurs within a line.

End Rhyme- Rhyme that comes at the end of lines.

Repetition- in poetry, to occur over and over again.

Verse- One line poetry.

Stanza- A grouping of the lines in a poem.

Refrain- A word, phrase, line, or groups of lines repeated regularly in a poem, usually at the end of each stanza.

Prose-Writing or speaking in the normal or rdinary form; it is arranged in sentences and paragraphs.

Poetry- A piece of literature written in meter or verse.

Literal- The standard meaning of a word

Figurative- Departure from the standard meaning of a word to achieve some special meaning or effect.

Hyperbole- Great exageration used to emphazise.

Simile- A comparsion of one thing with another with the use of "like or "as".

Metaphor- A figure of speech in which a noun is imaginatively transformed. ( can be a comparision, but it doesn't have to be)

Rhythm- Pattern if stressed and unstressed sounds in a line of poetry.

Alliteration- The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words o produce a noticeable effect.

Onomatopoeia- A word whose sound imitates the actual sounds to which it refers, such as pop,sizzle,crush, etc.





George Watsky (Poet, Producer, Rapper)-

September 15, 1986

San Francisco, California

Free Verse

So someone said to me the other day I’ve got a lisp.
A stranger you know they said I’ve got a subtle lisp
and I should know I sound a little stupid doing spoken
words when all my words have S in them are spoken so
And I’m not upset, okay it just sucks.
You think you’re speaking normally for two decades and
then shucks;
find out your stuff sounds like a stanza of Severus
Snapes toughest parseltounge is pronounced by daffy
So I will say this.
My subtle lisp is not sinful. I’m not sorry Saturday,
I’m not sorry Sunday; I’m spiritual and when I speak I
celebrate the Sabbath seven days a week.
I've got special S sauce all smothered on my skull
walls like a tossed salad so silk screen the Sistine
ceiling on my soft pallet.
I sing along with super seensters reciting Sufjan
Stevens songs in skinny jeans.