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Ub Iwerks



By Alaina Nguyen

I chose this Animator because he was an animator who worked in Disney who isn't remembered as much as his friend, Walt Disney.



Ub Iwerks is the animator who created and animated one of disneys most known mascot 'Mickey Mouse'.

  Due to Oswalds popularity, Disney and Iwerks had an  idea, and thet idea was Micky Mouse. Iwerks drew and animated him and a new casrtoon star was born.

   Ub Iwerks was born in Kansas City, Missouri on March 24, 1901. At the age of 18 Iwerks gets a job at Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio. His job was to use his artistic skills and make work for Pesman-Rubin clients. In this place he had a fateful encounter with Walt Disney in 1919. They quickly became befriended each other.Walt Disney created an animation company and Ub Iwerks being Disney’s friend and a fast animator became the first employee.

   Ub Iwerks really wwas a great pioneer in animating history

   Disney created a company called Laugh-O-Grams films, and Iwerks joined, but due to low profits Iwwerks went back to work at Kansas City Film Ad Company. Iweks still help Disney with his projects though. When Disney was forced into bankruptcy Iwerks left.




   Iwerks was then put in charge of a cartoon that quickly became poular called Ozwald the Lucky Rabbit. Due to its popularity the distributor, Charlie Mintz, led to a arguments over ownership rights. Almost everyone close Mintz over Disney, but Ub Iwerks stayed loyal to his friend.

    Disney then created another company in 1924 called Disney Brothers Productions (later changed to Walt Disney Studios). Iwerks was paid less money but had 20% ownership.

   During this time Iweks and Disney showed a srong interest in animation when it was still in its early stages. They wished to study animation techniques further. Disney and Iweks' friendship ofted led to jokes at Iwerks' expense. Iwerks 

   In 1920 Iwerks and Disney created a company known as Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists. However, this adventure did not last long because Disney decided to work for Kansas City Film Ad Company to earn more money. Walt Disney convinced this company that they needed the skill of Ub Iwerks, so Iweks was hired.

   "Steamboat Willie," the third cartoon of Micky Mouse bacame very popular and catipulted Walt and Ub to stardom. Lter in his career he was put in carge of training other animators which led to many talrnted animators.