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he is our teacher helped us to understand the topics of the semester in all possible ways in one day we sang karaoke, hicimios physical descriptions of our classmates, talk about countries, and many more activities at the end of almost all classes he put us a small evaluation to show that the topic was understood and to see the improvement of the performance of each student. When he observed some difficulty or that some student did not understand correctly, the topic sought to help him understand it in the best possible way. Several of the students at the level complained about the large amount of homework that I was leaving but personally I think that it does so to have a better practice with the topics of the cut although it is true that many of the students are quite busy with our studies of the school we must repoasar these subjects since in some moment they can serve us.

she is the student who apparently understands all the topics of the university better because when she sees that one of her classmates does not understand the topic, she helps him to do better in the subject

she is diana a very kind student is always quite cheerful and very positive, on few occasions I have had the opportunity to talk with her and work as a team with her what I can deduce is that she is a very kind person.

she is sathya a pretty cheerful and spontaneously friendly girl She gets along well with everyone since her joy is contagious, everyone in the group gets along very well with her.

he is dilan a young man who sometimes is quite annoying is not anything presumptuous for what he seems to like bastabte football since in the breaks usually plays this sport

yany is a young super spontaneous always makes his best dramatizacones seeks to acclimate and attract the attention of all his spectators with music costumes and others

they are laura posso liza maecha and laura tique in one of the days that we went to starbucks they are the ones I have spoken with the most in the university If I had to describe each of them, it would be ... let's start with laura posso she is a supremely cheerful girl and likes to sing along with her friends liza maecha is a very kind and friendly girl although in the last classes she has not returned

she is laura a girl who sometimes is quite shy but when you know her better you discover that she has an incredible personalibad is quite friendly and is not at all presumptuous is just a pretty friendly girl
Alejandra is a pretty friendly girl who is smiling and very artistic, because she can create incredible manicures on her own. She is a very creative and smiling person


edmodo is the platform used in this class is a means of communication between the teacher and students seeks to help have a better learning allows deliver jobs in digital format to the teacher so that this has a greater economy by decxing it in some way since many do not they can get the material in their physical state and for that reason they can get it here through this platform