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Los Vegas

the capital of the world

the population of las vegas is 609,488 people total, las vegas's lcation is in western nevada, the continents of las vegas is in north america. las vegas was founded on may 15 in 1905. john c fremont was the  first american to have founded las vegas. las vegas was never the capital of anything but is known as the capitol of the world. las vegas sits in a basin within the mojave desert an as sucht he area surrounding kas vegas is dominated by desert vegetation and is surrounded by fry mountain ranges. las vegas is known for gambling. some of the very famous historic sites in las vegas are in binoin's horseshoe casino, golden nugget casino, the mirage casino, and the fremont street casino. 


The climate in las vegas is awesome in my opinion because they get roughly 320 days of sunshine per year. The humidity is only 29 percent. the climate is classified as arid. 


the top neighborhoods in las vegas Sartini plaza, Grand enteries, Valleycrest, Mira Vesta, ans most importantly freemont street. the reason this is the most important is becuase fremont was the first american founder of las vegas