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Presented by: Chris Suber

It was started by AT&T in 2010 to raise the awareness of texting and driving. Then in 2011, the awareness became the focal point. 2012, the company went to action by reaching out to different schools and communities to move forward their program. In 2013, the "It Can Wait" program went in another new direction, advocacy.

When it started?

Mission: The mission is to stop everyone from texting and driving. A text is not worth taking a chance at risking your life. "IT CAN WAIT".

Goal: The goal for the "It Can Wait" program was to minimize texting and driving car crashes.

Laws and Legislation:

*15 States have already prohibited all drivers from using hand held devices while driving 

*47 States banned texting and driving 

*38 States banned all cell phones from novice drivers

*20 States prohibited all bus drivers from cell phones