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Culture lag is when non-material culture has a hard time, or does not catch up right away to the material culture such as technology. Culture lag typically occur in society between family members. Things like medical marijuana have become quite popular in the medical and science fields, however due to culture lag, our grandparents and even some of our parents do not see, or think that medical marijuana is or can be used in positive ways. 

Gaming is also an example of culture lag. From our grandparents to our parents playing video games or going to aracrds was fun. Our grandparents HAD to go outside and go out into the public and socialize with people and play games. Whereas their kids, our parents got the inventions of artari's and what game cubes. But they still continued to go to the arcard. 

Culture lag, when it comes to life support or assisted sucide is something that has just become 'popular' forsay in the last couple of decades. Our parents do not really understand or support it sometimes, however just like a wide acceptance for medical marijuana life support is something that younger people do support.