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                   BRAZEN'S POETRY PROJECT



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                     TIME OF CRISIS                        



                                      Anytime you need to

                                     Be next to me in a time of

                                     Crisis you come visit me and i’ll

                                     Determine whether i can help you or not

                                     Even if the world is ending

                                     Find me and i'll help.Image result for time of crisis








                           Thoughts about pain


Image result for hollybush 




The sky is very dark

It’s very cold outside right now

I hate the winter.

 Image result for winter


    Brazen Fletcher





Awesome, Gentle, Happy, Gorgeous

Married to Kate Upton

Loved to party and chill

Very Very Very happy person very rarely felt unhappy

Scared of spiders and people and also bee’s

He became the best pipeliner and oilfield consultant in the entire and launched

The business Fletcher inc

He wanted to skydive and bungee jump of a bridge

Lived in subiaco arkansas near the gas station


Image result for brazen fletcher 










              Lots of wildlife

          Tons of cool thing to see

 Image result for mountain






S exy

I ntellegent

X tra ordinary

L ots of them in a package

E vreyone loves them

T oo much sugar

S uper good though


Image result for sixlets






You were awesome

You will always be in my heart


Had a lot of good times

While you were by my side


I miss you so much

More than anything


See ya, party life

Ill miss you buddy

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The rich and famous

Can buy almost everything

As long as cash pours in

Money can buy happiness

But never true contentment

Image result for rich and famous




Thank you for cats

Thank you for stars

Thank you for chocolate

Thank, you for cars

Thank you fro baseball

Thank you for book

Thank you for firemen

Thank you for cooks

Thank you for family

Thank, you for kissing

Thank you for everything

I must be Missing

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There once was a little redneck

Who said, friend why are you so dumb

The friend said hey man i lost my thumb

Came round and round sliced it right off


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