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                                                         BY: VICTORIA LEWIS


3 Facts About Mcdonalds

  • Mcdonalds has over 35,000 loactions

  • Mcdonalds wantes to open 2,000 more restaurants in china by 2017
  • In 20.13, mcdonalds opened 1,400 new locations




What year did the company begin.?

 *April 15,1995 Is when mcdonalds begin.

Mcdonalds products are hamburgers, chicken, french fries , soft drinks , milkshakes, salads, desserts, coffee, breakfasts.

Why would it be important to have good customer relations skills to work.?

-you have to have a good personality ,

  • be respectful
  • have a smile
  • knowlege of product
  • Time managment skills



How does technology influence and impact the business.?

  • Increase productivity and profitability with mobile technology.

Why would it be important for you to have IT skills in order to work for mcdonald.?

  • To fix registers that are down
  • To fix drive through speakers and headsets if it wtop working
  • To help problem solving/thinking on your feet

Why would it be important for you to have good computer skills.?

  • MS Word is virtually all workers have some familiarity with microsoft word
  • powerpoint for workers who wish to conduct dynamic presentations or prepare materials for bosses and colleagues is essentail.

What are some current position opening by this company.?

  • CREW

Who is the leader or president of McDonalds's


  • Steve Easterbrook

Where is the company headquarters facility located.?

  • Oka Brook, IL

Does this company have a mission of anykind.? whit is it and how could you help achieve the mission.?

  • Mission: To make customers happy
  • How? Provide great customer service/provide fresh food/provide fast service/meet customer needs.