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The Water Gun

 Once there was a water gun maker who went by the name Cornish. He worked during the times of the water wars. One day, he decided he was going to make the best water rifle in the land.

And that's just what he did!!!

Then, after hearing rumors of this legendary water gun, a man who's name was John came to buy the rifle. At first, Cornish didn't want to sell it, but in the end, he gave up the water rifle.

On his way home John saw his friend being bullied. Without thinking, he fired his water gun. The bully then began chasing after him!!!

When John was running from the bully, he ran into a group of boys that called themselves the Water Men. They stood up to bullies and had their own water guns. John decided to join them.

John's rifle was eventually taken and John was beaten by a bully. Although, his water gun has been passed down through many generations to this day.