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The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to explore the concepts and application of brand and image through preparing a promotional campaign. This assignment will assess the following learning outcomes: • Understand the constituents of the promotional mix • Understand the importance of branding • Understand how to promote a new business and reach customers

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       Promoting the brand


Tylereileena Johnson-Stenning

Unit 14:Brand development & promotion

        Regal cars


Firstly, promotion is when a business decides to raise awarness of their products/services that they have to offer such as, advertising and special discounts.


Where as, branding is when a business creates a USP for their products/ services to make it unique to create a image in the cusmer's mind.


In addition, branding can be advertised in advertsing campaigns which links to promotion. A business's aim for branding is to establish a prescence in the market, to attract loyal customers.





The promtional mix consists of the following: advertsing, public relations, sales promtion, personal selling and direct marketing.. These are the main methods of promtion that a business can use to promote their products/services.


Branding and promotion


Promotional mix


 Regal cars wll use these methods to promote their services.


For example, advertising is to raise awerness of their service by, having a TV/radio advert or advertising by, newspapers/magazines.


However, the main type of advertising is social media such as, Twitter and Facebook because, many people around the work use social media this means that Regal cars advertisment will be advertised globally which could lead to more customers mean a increase in the business's profits.


Moreover, the advantages of Regal cars advertising their services on social media accounts is that setting up social media accounts,is cost and time effective as, it is free to set up social media accounts and does not take long to set up the accounts.


However, Regal cars will have to keep up-to-date with their social media accounts as, Regal cars customers will not want to read out of date information on the business. This may mean that Regal cars will need to hire a social media supervisor, who will up date the website frequently. 


Linking to the advantages of the social media accounts, it will still be cost effective for the business as, social media accounts are one of the cheapest way of advtising a business even if, Regal cars does decide to hire a social media supervisor.











Promotional mix methods

Another promotional mix method that  Regal cars could use is direct marketing by, directly communicating with their existing customers.


Even more, Regal cars can send out emails , calling and text messaging to existing customers to raise awnesses of Regal cars services.


Furthermore, this method is also cost and time effective as, it is free to send emails and it does not take long to write and send out a email.


However, Regal cars will have to employ sales personal to direct market to Regal cars customers, as Regal cars has to sell their sevices to their customers by, having a experienced sales personal to tell them about Regal cars.


This means that Direct marketing may not be as cost effective because, Regal cars has to pay those sales personal but, it will increase their customer base.

Promotional mix methods continuation


Even more, another way Regal cars can promote their business is by, personal selling which is, face-to-face communication with the customer trying to sell the service. Regal cars cando this by, sending a sales representive to potential customers and selling them the customer the service. However, the sales reprensentive must have a good attitude towards the customers and about the service, to postively sell the service to the potential customer. However, this method is not cost and time effetcive because, Regal cars will have to pay the sales representive and it is timely as, the business has to find every potential customers and persuade them to try Regal car's service.


The last method that Regal cars could use to promote their business is sales promtion which is for intoducing a new service or product which Regal cars are doing by, them rebranding their business and they are  intoducingtheir new service by,handing out loyalty cards to customers, offereing special discounts and free gifts. Moroever, this method is also not cost and time effetive as, Regal cars will have to pay to design, create and print loyalty cards and this can take up a lot of time.  

Promotional mix  methods


The link between Regal cars promtional mix and their branding is that at the same time Regal cars can promote their website and their re-branding such as, the new services that they have to offer. This can be shown through advetising and direct marketing as explained on the last pages on promotional mix.


Furthermore, the benefits of Regal cars branding are the following: loyalty, memoriable, familiarity and aweness. 


In addition these benefits support Regal cars by, increasing profits as their promotion are attracting more and more customers to Regal cars.  


Firstly, I recommend to Regal cars that advertising could be a good way for them to advertise to their customer segments  because, advertsiment can br done in a variety of ways such as,social media, TV adverts and newspapers.


Furthermore, these three types of advertising relate to Regal car's customer segment as, many taxi users look through newspapers as they are travelling in the taxi. Also, TV adverts as, many people from the age of late teens to the elderly watch the TV at different times of the day linking, to social media as,many people in their late teens use socaial media to.


Morover, another way that Regal cars could advertise to their customer segments is by, direct marketing as,it is also a good promotion technique fromthe promotional mix for Regal Cars to use to relate to the customer segment because, many people in their late teens have phones to communicate and have email accounts which means, Regal cars can send them a variety of speacial deals and discounts via text messaging and email.


Furthermore, the elderly will see the advertisment more from the newspapers and the TV Aadverts that a text or call, as many of the elderly do not own a device to communicate with them


In conclusion, I beleive the best way for Regal cars to promote their business is by, advertisment as clearly stated above Regal car's customer segments for exisiting and new customers will see the promotion as, all ages watch the television and listen to the radio.

Customer segments


"Not all customers are the same. So stop taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your marketing and start segmenting your customers into smaller groups, says Andrew Gerrard of InTouch Marketing"


This is a quote on customer segments as shown in the quote not all customers are the same meaning, that Regal cars must have a suitable promotional mix to reach their specific customer segments such as, public transport users which can be use by male and female from the age of early teens to the elderly.


Furthermore, this means that the promtional mix must meet the needs of attracting public transport users and male/ females from the age of late teens to the elderly.



Customer segments