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Max wakes up on Christmas Eve realizing he doesn't have a tree and goes on a big adventure to find the perfect tree before Christmas

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BY: Aidan Jenkins and Tristan Rodriguez

 It was a dark and snowy night. Woosh! The air was howling in the night. The trees were dancing in the wind. Max had just woken up from a deep sleep and checked the time. It was 10:17 p.m. on Christmas Eve. He realized that he had forgotten to get a spectacular, stellar, spankin' new tree and he only had two hours!



Max rushed over to Blitzen The Reindeer's tree lot.

"Blitzen, I desperately need a tree," Max said 

"I have perfect one just for you for $100," Blitzen replied



"That tree is bigger than a mountain!" Max shouted.

Max picked up his feet and sprinted like a cheetah over to Buddy The Dog's tree lot.

"Buddy! I need a tree!" Max shouted

Buddy pulled out his best tree for Max.


"This tree looks like a tornado went straight through it! I can't use that!" Max screamed

Zoom! Max dashed a million miles an hour over to Manny The Monkey's tree lot.

"Manny! I need a tree right now!" Max screeched

"Wait right here. I have the perfect one just for you," Manny replied.


"THat TREE IS COVERED IN MONKEYS!" Max complained.

Max ran as if he was being chased by wolves to Miceland. 

"Mikey! I really need a tree!" Max expressed. 

"Ok. I have one for you. Wait right here," Mikey answered.


Mikey pulled out his wonderful tree.


"I can't use that! That tree is a flea, it's way to small to be my tree!" Max said sadly.

"I have a perfect tree for you," Santa said as he appeared out of nowhere.

Santa pulled out a tree that wasn't too big, too small, destroyed, or covered in monkeys. It was just right.

Max had the perfect Christmas and the perfect tree, and when his friends came over for the Christmas party he realized...

He forgot the presents...