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its about newtons three laws of motion

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                                        Newtons Three

       Laws of Motion

                                                                                                                                 Logan moldan

Logan Moldan

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table of contence

Isscac Newton was a scientist and he made a reflection telescope .

people didn't believe him at first .

He does astronimy he fideit he stuterd and he was a math matishion.

first law an object will stay in place unless someone pushes or pulls it .

For each action, there is an equal and opposite reaction .

                                                           law One

LAW 1 

An object at rest, stays at rest.  

We did an experiment with a cup a penny and a card.  The penny sat on the card until the card was pulled away. When the card moved, the penny fell into the cup.  

An object will stay in place unless somone pushes or pulls it . 

The heavier the  weight the  faster the speed

                                                                         law two

for each action

        third law

there is an   eqoul and oppisite reaction . 

                                                                     About me

Hi I'm Logan.I just transferd schools, so far I like it . I like to farm,go hunting, go fishing, I like  football, and I also like animals.