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Rain forets Jaguars

By;A'niya Turner




Dedicated to my mom,dad,sisters,brothers,and friends Aliya, Namiah,Annah,Zariah,Reccy,Jordan,Drinda,and Rachel Walker.


          By:A'niya Turner


Rain Forest Jaguar





Published on February6,2017 in Mrs.Scott's Reading Class




Table Of Contents:

Chapter1-Where it lives(pg:6-7)

Chapter2-Size/Inverterbrate or vertebrate (pg:8-9)

Chapter3-Eating habits(pg:10-11)

Chapter4- Adaptation (pg:12-13)


Chapter6-Instersting Facts(pg:16-17)

About The Author



Chapter 1- Where It 




 Jaguars live and the South America Rainforest and they also live in the Central America Rainforest. The live in the Canopy layer in each one of these Rainforest. 


hapter  2- size verbrate or inverbrate

? C










       The size of a rainfoirest jaguar is 70 to 90 cm their weight is 100 to 250 lb. They are verbarte animals











Chapter 3-Eating habits

A Jaguar eating habit is big becaus the eat deer,pecarry,crocdials,snakes,monkeys, and much more.


Chapter 4-



    Jaguars have jaws and large head skulls are especially equipped for piercing the skull of their prey with their canines. They are only big cats witch pratice this habitat.Unlike other large cats, who attack at th neck,jaguars ofthe kill their prey with a single bite to the back of the head.


Chapter 5-



 The jaguar is the most powerful wild cat in the Western Hempsire.The jaguar is larger than the leopord.The jaguar coat has diffrent colors,but is usely yellpow brownish with black spots, like leopords.Some are even white.


Chapter6- Intersting Facts


   The Jaguar is the big cat in the panthera onca. The jaguar is the 3 largest of the big cats after the lion and the tiger.It is also the largest big cat in America. Jaguars are only foun in American Rainforest.With its spots it resemples the leopord which is only found in Asia. The jaguar stalks it prey and ambusthe. it prey,often leaping in to the water or from a tre


About Author:

  Hi my name is Aniya Turner and I'm in Mrs.Glenn 5th grade class. In the school I go to is Montana Magnet School. I also have a little sister that goes here too and she's in 2nd grade, and I also have a little broter that goes to Girard elemantry School and he's in lst grade this year.I love to do math. I also love to science and Social Studies.I have many friends at this school.Their names are Aliya Namiah Annah and I could make this list longer but I'm going to stike with those three for now. The reason I wrote this book is to let you know jaguars are good and cool animals too.