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Texting and Driving





Are you safe on the road?

 Jay Patel - 6/28/16




Where Did We Come From and Why Are We Here? 

The It Can Wait campaign started by At&t in 2010. Every year accidents to related texting or using a cell phone in general while driving increased. Something had to be done. At&t saw these accidents and decided to launch a campaign that would save hundreds of thousands of lives. They are mostly focused on the teenagers since they have the biggest risk of getting into a car accident while using their cell phone. 


Did You Know - There is an estimate of more than 200,000 vehicle crashes in 2012 due to texting and driving. 

The It Can Wait campaign constantly raises awareness on the texting while driving issue. The campaign's main goal is to make everyone aware of the dangers associated with texting and driving.





In 2014, there were more than 500 events as a result of the It Can Wait campaign. There were also driving summits such as the distracted driving summits and award ceremonies

What we hope to achieve

What You Can Do To Help The Campaign 

There are also apps you can download to make sure that you are safe from phone related distractions. 


Safely Go and At&t Drive Mode are two apps that you could download to ensure your safety on the road. The At&t drive mode app silences text messages and sends text messages itself to notify the sender that the text message receiver is on the road. It automatically turns on when you are going more than 15 miles per hour. 

It is easy to get involved with the campaign. Just Spread the word. 




More than 8 million people have already joined!

What Are You Waiting For? Take The Pledge Already

By taking this pledge you promise to keep your eyes on the road, instead of your phone. The pledge will help you remember when you pick up your phone while driving that texting while driving is not worth your life or somebody else's life.

Join The Campaign And Help It Flourish!

No text, search, post, view, email is worth a life.