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Partial 1 Classwork
Gustavo Luna Muñoz
Student ID: A01411619
First semester, group #3
Advanced English II
Mr. Frederick Joseph Becht Kane
1. f
2. c
3. a
4. e
5. h
6. g
7. b
8. d
Exercise 3
Read the website forum entries again and answer questions 1-6. In some cases, there may be
more than one answer.
1. Who feels more confident? A
2. Who’s enjoying more freedom? A, C
3. Who’s afraid of something in the future? D
4. Who has no financial worries? E
5. Who exaggerates his or her achievements? F
6. Who only sees the positive aspects of their life? F
obligation (strong)
have to
obligation (weak)
lack of obligation
don’t have to
1. c
2. d
Exercise 6A
1 should / won’t be able
2 couldn’t (wasn’t able to)
3 let
4 promised to
5 make
6 have
7 will be able to
8 don’t have to
Exercise 1
Something I’ll do: I will be 17 years old.
Something I will probably do: I’ll complete both second and third semesters at PrepaTec.
Something I am not likely to do: I am not likely to move from Tampico.
Something I won’t do: I won’t buy a house.
Exercise 2
Would you like to receive a message from your younger self? Why / why not?
Yes, because I would be able to remember exactly the way I was and how I thought I was going
to be, and compare it with my actual self.
in -ence
in -ice
Exercise 3
Listen to a woman reading a letter she wrote to herself four years ago. Is her letter optimistic?
Yes, it is, as she expects many good things, such as falling in love or having children.
Listen again and underline the correct alternative.
“At sixteen, Laura expected her twenty-year-old self to be…”
1. unchanged / different
2. abroad / in the UK
3. with / without a partner
4. with / without children
5. happy / unhappy
6. working / studying
Listen to the second part of the programme and answer the questions.
How does Laura see her sixteen-year-old self now?
She thinks she hasn’t really changed.
Is she happy with the way her life has turned out?
Yes, she says it doesn’t “have to be perfect”.
Exercise 4
Look at sentences a) and b) from Laura’s letter. Which one talks about…
1 things that will be completed before she opens the letter?
2 things that will be in progress around the time that she opens the letter?
a) I’ll have changed so much. 1
b) I bet when I get this, it’ll be raining. 2
Complete the rules.
1 To talk about something that will finish before a specific time in the future, use will + have
+ past participle form of verb
2 To talk about something that will be in progress at or around a specific time in the future,
use will + be + -ing form of verb
The person will be living in the flat by ten years’ time, meaning it hasn’t completing the action.
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. a
5. b
1. .
a. .
b. You have good and bad moments.
c. Not progressing.
d. Getting worse.
2. .
a. Want to do it
b. Feel both positive and negative feelings.
c. .
d. Definitely don’t want to do it.
3. .
a. Think positive.
b. .
you will have recieved
will you be watching
you’ll have fallen
you’ll have drunk
will you still be studying
you’ll have passed
you’ll still like
will you be living
c. .
d. You are extremely scared.
4. .
a. Feel optimistic
b. .
c. Thinks negative
d. ?
5. .
a. Makes you feel great
b. Looks good
c. .
d. Makes you feel terrible
=mixed feelings
=are looking forward to
=has its ups and downs
=fills you with optimism
=filled you with despair
Before the Flood Class Notes
At the beginning of the video, three paintings are shown.
One represents the past we used to live in, a world that can be compared to a paradise.
Leonardo DiCaprio is chosen to be the leader of a program that prevents global warming. He is
criticized: he’s an actor. How is he supposed to help?
“It looks like a horror science fiction film. The thing is, in this case, it is not fiction.”
The Artic is the “air conditioning” of the northern hemisphere. If it goes out, climate will change
By 2040, if we continue polluting this way, we’ll be able to sail across the North Pole.
“Things have taken a massive change. Worse.”
“The ocean is not either Democrat or Republican. It only knows to keep rising.”
97% of all scientists consider that global warming is an important worldwide issue.
“If China can do it, I’m pretty sure the rest of the world can.”
Cow poo is used to cook in India.
About 35 000 000 people in India has no access to electric energy. That’s a quarter of the U.S.
population. “What are the United States doing to stop the disaster they’ve created?”
Partial exam practice exercises
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word in brackets.
1 When I was at school, girls had to wear a uniform with a shirt and tie. (have)
2 The best thing about living alone is that you aren’t obliged to be sociable. (not oblige)
3 They were supposed make their beds every morning but they didn’t. (suppose)
4 I wasn’t able to cook dinner tonight because I have to work late. (not able)
5 He couldn’t speak French but he managed to communicate with sign language. (manage)
6 Parents ought to make their children clean their own bedrooms to earn their pocket money. (ought)
3 Write the noun form of the verbs using -ion,
-ence, -ment or -ice.
1 react reaction
2 practise practice
3 argue argument
4 interfere interference
5 advise advice
6 prefer preference
2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.
finish relax sail find give leave see
1 By next weekend we’ll have finished our exams and we’ll be relaxing on the beach!
2 In twenty years’ time, I hope I’ll have found a good job in the city.
3 Do you think you’ll have given up smoking by then?
5 Complete with the correct verb in the correct form.
1 She’s too young to own a mobile.
2 I’m not old enough to ride a scooter.
3 He’s doing a part-time job.
4 She’s not allowed to wear make up.
6 Underline the stressed syllable in each word.
1 argue
2 appreciation
3 reaction
4 optimism
7 Compete the sentences with the phrases in the box.
Don’t you Clearly Don’t you agree (x2) Isn’t it Anyone can
1 Don’t you think young people should pay for their university courses?
2 Anyone can see that we’re not going to save the planet by recycling newspapers.
3 Don’t you agree teachers should be paid more?
4 Isn’t it obvious that she likes him?
2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.
finish relax retire return work play read
1 By next weekend we’ll have finished our exams and we’ll be relaxing on the beach!
2 I definitely won’t work in this awful place by then.
3 She probably won’t read the message yet.
3 Write the noun form of the verbs using -ion,
-ence, -ment or -ice.
1 involve involvement
2 advise advice
3 appreciate appreciation
4 react reaction
5 interfere interference
6 judge judgement
5 Complete with the correct verb in the correct form.
1 She’s too young to own a mobile.
2 They shouldn’t show up until midnight.
3 I wasn’t allowed to have my ears pierced.
4 He loves running his own business.
Partial 2 Classwork
Gustavo Luna Muñoz
Student ID: A01411619
First semester, group #3
Advanced English II
Mr. Frederick Joseph Becht Kane
Unit 7
7.1 Best of the Beeb
EastEnders C
Strictly come dancing B
News night D
Doctor Who E
Top Gear A
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Was broadcast aired
Arguments rows
Done only once one-off
Attractive and exciting glamorous
Famous renowned
Thorough and full in depth
Been criticized come under fire
Is popular with all ages cross-generational
Exercise 7
1. I watch a few sports programmes.
2. Most programmes have a commercial break every ten minutes.
3. The weekend schedules usually include a few talent shows, at least three or four.
4. You can watch plenty of popular programmes online.
5. I like programmes about hospitals or emergencies.
6. I once spent quite a few days watching a box set of the series Lost.
7. I think much of TV has been dumbed down.
8. We have lots of detective shows; we don’t need any more.
9. Most of the best shows are US imports, such as The Wire.
10. I think a few news is OK but not 24-hour news non-stop.
Online Exercises, Sept 22
7.2 The news that wasn’t
1. Because people don’t like to be fooled in this way.
2. To find out if a photograph is a hoax and who made it, in case it is.
3. a. How can a plane be crossing a road? It was probably composed.
b. Both the tree and the suitcase should be more damaged.
c. It could have been taken on a special spot at the Grand Canyon.
Exercise 4A
Check what you know. Match sentences 1-4 with functions a) to c).
1. I asked you before the show if you’d ever earned money for your hoax work. c
2. You said you often worked with the police. a
3. Sometimes the police ask me to decide if the photograph is a hoax. b
4. A friend told me he had seen it with his own eyes a number of years before. a
a) Reporting a statement
b) Reporting a request
c) Reporting a question
Exercise 4B
For the sentences in Exercise 4A, write the exact words each person said in their original
1. Have you ever made money for your hoax work?
2. I often work with the police.
3. Decide if this photograph is a hoax.
4. I saw it with my own eyes a couple of years ago.
Exercise 4C
Work in pairs and answer the questions. Use the sentences in Exercise 4A to help.
1. What usually happens to verb forms when we report what people say?
They change to past tense.
2. Why does the verb form stay the same in sentence 2?
Because he still works with the police, at least since the moment he was asked, until it is
3. What is the difference in word order between reported and direct questions?
The order doesn’t change: the words do.
4. When do we use if in reported questions?
To ask if something was, is or will be done.
5. Which form do we use to report a request?
Imperative form
6. What happens to time phrases such as ago, yesterday, today, next week?
They are used to say when the action is made.
7.3 What’s in the news?
Exercise 1A
What do you think the six topics are?
Money, sports, tragic news, social news, celebrities, animals.
Exercise 2A
2. features
3. readership
4. columnist
5. supplements
6. broadsheet
7. biased
8. sensationalism
9. circulation
10. tabloid
Exercise 2B
1. Which paper in your country is the most sensationalist/biased?
Reforma, many Mexican people read it and it has a strong point of view against some
2. Which sections do you read: the main news story, foreign news, sports coverage,
features, the editorial, magazines or colour supplements.
Colour supplements, they are more attractive than regular newspapers.
Exercise 5A
Conversation 1
I’m so angry with you. Why didn’t you tell me about the party?
But I told you. I did a few minutes ago.
That’s really helpful! How am I supposed to get ready in time?
But you said you were the one who never wanted to go to parties.
Conversation 2
Dave was good-looking but she was absolutely crazy about Will.
The sad thing is that Dave adores her.
Yeah, and he’s really kind, such a nice man.
What on earth shall I say if he asks me about Will?
Conversation 3
I’m quitting my job. It’s such a bore.
I do think you’ll regret it.
You always say that I’m
But you shouldn’t just quit that way.
Exercise 6A and B
That’s surely one of the biggest prizes ever.
It’s hard to say, but I think it’s some sort of painting.
It might be a computer image.
I imagine it does seem like bacteria now I come to think about it.
Perhaps they heard her crying.
Exercise 7
Listen to the sound. What do you think it is?
a) A dish breaking
b) Glass falling to the ground
Use the prompts to discuss the sound.
What do you think it’ll be?
It’s hard to say, but I imagine it is a dish breaking.
I think it sounds like a dish breaking.
I suppose it could be glass falling to the ground.
Or it might be glass falling to the ground.
Well, I reckon it is a dish breaking.
Exercise 8
Work in pairs and look at the categories. What do you think the top five are for each category?
Dangerous animals: mosquito, Asian cobra, Australian box jellyfish, great white shark, African
Countries with tall people: Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia
Cities for art lovers: Berlin, Chicago, Florence, London, New York City
Friendliest countries: Ireland, USA, Malawi, Fiji, Thailand
8.1 It’s a tough call
Exercise 1
A: Couple ordered to return cash
B: Hiker risks life
C: Mother turns son in to police