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-Eating and drinking habits


-National sports

-Christmas and Halloween


-Important export products


-Famous sites to visit

-typical plants and animals 


The Capital of Canada is Ottawa in the north-east. In 2015 the population was 960,754 and that population made it the fourth most largest city in Canada. In 1826 the city was founded and in 1855 the city was evolved into a political and technological centre of Canada.In 2001 the city had ultimately changed into a new city incorporation wich significantly increased its land area. The city name Ottawa was chosen because of the river nearby that was called Ottawa to, in Algonquin word this means Odawa and that means ´´to trade´´.


The total population of Canada in 2016 is 36 million. Only 27% of this amount is Canadian. The population density is in most of the regions low, thats only not the case in the South, there is the population density higher then several European countries like Southern Ontario. Because in the North the land is not arable, the North can´t handle a large population density, therefore in Canada the population is much lower then it could be. 


In Canada there are lots of things they like. Canadians drink coffee alot, they drink it 9 times more than other citys in the world. Then there are are some typical foods like the maple syrup or the stew. The maple syrup is the most popular with a nice beaker where it is put in. In Canada 1 fourth of Canadians eat fastfood. Canada eats and drinks alot like the maple syrup, they eat it 4 times more then other city´s and Canadians eat 3 times more then other city´s at a subway restaurant. These are just some of the things that Canadians eat.

Eating and Drinking Habits

The flag of Canada has the colours red and white. The parallel lines on the outside flag that go straight up are red. The rest is white but in the middle there is the famous maple leaf that of course everybody knows.In 1964 prime minister Lester b. pearson formed a committee to resolve the ongoing issueof the lack for a official Canadian flag. In 1965 George stanley created a design with a maple leaf and that was 1 of the 3 options and they went for George stanley. There now is a holiday for the national flag of Canada day.


Sports in Canada consists of a wide variety of games. The most common sports in Canada are ice hockey, lacrosse, Canadian football, soccer, basketball, curling and baseball. Ice hockey and lacrosse are the official summer and winter sports. Ice hockey or just hockey in Canada is the most played winter sport and its most successfull sport in international competition. Lacrosse is the most oldest and most official summer sport. Canadian football is Canada´s number 2 most popular sport.

National Sports

Christmas: Christmas is an official holiday wich is also by far the most popular and most celebrated by Canadians. With christmas we celebrate the birth of jesus, thats what they do to. Christmas is also about gift(ing).


Halloween: Halloween isn´t like christmas an official holiday. This holiday has became bigger and bigger and now halloween is the second biggest holiday after christmas. This holiday is unofficial because it was not really celebrated but because it became bigger it still became more popular over the years.  

Christmas and Halloween

The official languages of Canada are English and French. Everywhere the signs you see have the texts in both French and English. For the rest there are not much other languages spoken in Canada, only immigrants.


The ten most sold export products is oil, paper, gems, vehicles, machines, plastic, electronic equipment, wood, aluminum and aircrafts. The one product that made the most money is oil with in 2015 an amount of 77.8 billion US$ and this product is 19% of the total exports.

Important export products

In Canada christianity is the largest religion. 67% Of Canadians are christians. 24% Of Canadians are non-believers. Islam is then the second biggest religion with 3% of the population. Canada has no official religion. Support for religious pluralism and freedom of religion is an important part of Canada´s political culture.


Canada has lots of beatiful landscapes like the rocky mountains in the west of Canada in Vancouver and Victoria. In central Canada there are some of the most famous city´s like Toronto or Ottawa. In central Canada there is the most famous site to called the Niagara falls with the falls of 57 meters. This fall gets millions of visitors each year and this fall is around an hour from Toronto along the American border. 

Famous sites to visit

Maple tree: The maple tree also known as acer is a tree with 128 species. Most of these species are native to Asia.


Beaver: There are two extant species of the beaver. The North American beaver is one of them and the other isthe eurasian beaver. The beaver is also most known for the dams.


Polar bears: A polar bear is a carnivorous bear wich lives mostly in the arctic circle. A male polar bear weights 350-700 KG while a female only weights half of that. 

Typical plants and animals