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Unit 3 Project

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If you give Jasmin money, then she will go to the store.

If she goes to the store, then she will look around.

If she looks around, then she will take a long time.

If she takes a long time, then she will be late to her mom's party.

If she is late to her mom's party, then her dad will get mad.

If her dad gets mad, then she will get grounded.

If she gets grounded, then she will have to stay home all weekend.

If she has to stay home all weekend, then she won't go out with her friends.

 If she doesn't go out with her friends, then she will get bored.

If she gets bored, then she will try to have fun at home.

If she tries to have fun at home, the she will play board games with her siblings.

If she plays board games with her siblings, then they will get along.

If you give Jasmin money, then she will get along with her siblings.

Law of Syllogism