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Counselors    Getaway Application     July 10-14, 2018 Application Deadline March 20  Counselor Information First Name____...

I'm interested in learning more about the unique, holistic approach that the College of Atlantic exemplifies in their outlook and programming for their students. I would love to hear more about the process behind the exploration and creation of student's program and major, through the lens of both the students and faculty. I’m interested to know more about the advisement process, the flexibility of the faculty, the diversity of the courses offered, and the outcomes of the student’s endeavors through their senior projects and beyond. I think it would be valuable to see, for myself, the vibrant and rich community that compliments the culture of your school and students, and the ways in which Bar Harbor and the Acadia National Park influences student's ideals and studies. I hope to gain valuable insight and information from all members of the COA community that I can bring back to my students and families in Litchfield, Connecticut. 

Jillian                                                                                 Kuraska

School Counselor

Litchfield High School

14 Plumb Hill Road                                                                                       925 Oronoke Road Unit 30L

Litchfield, CT 06759                                                                                      Waterbury, CT 06708

860-567-7534                                                                                                860-614-5361                                                             





2. Have you had any students attend COA   3. Please provide any additional information that may be helpful in determining ...

Jillian Kuraska

Of the many roles I play as a school counselor, my favorite time is spent with students discussing and exploring their personal interests, passions and life goals. I wholeheartedly want to provide my students with the best advice and recommendations to personally suit their needs, and strive to be informed on many different programs and opportunities at the post-secondary level. Knowing more about the unique and interdisciplinary approach that COA has, I believe that I can better advise my students; especially those with rich and diverse areas of interest that could then create a program of study that is authentic to their interests and beliefs. I would love the opportunity to get to learn more about the educational opportunities at COA, experience the campus environment and meet the members of the school community. 

In my three years at Litchfield High School, I have not had any students attend.

March 20, 2018