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Text by Judy Tuer
Illustrations by Alyssa Josue
We Are Going
to the Beach
We are going to the beach.
It is very hot in the bus.
I said, ‘I am too hot.’ Mom said, ‘I am
too, but it will be cool at the beach.
Now we are at the beach,
and it is very hot on the sand.
Mom said, ‘I am too hot.’ Then we said,
We are too, but it will be cool in the water.
We are in the water now
and it is very cold.
I said, ‘I am too cold.’ Then Mom said, ‘I am
cold now too, but it will be hot on the sand!’
We are going home now.
It is very hot in the bus.
I said, ‘It would be cool
at the beach!’
KEYWORDS REVISED: am, and, are, at, but, going, I, in, is, it,
now, on, said, the, to, too, very, we,
will, would
• Read the title of the book and casually discuss the cover
illustration with the child.
• Read the book to the child, while running your finger
smoothly under the text.
• Supported reading: read the book and have the
childread along with you, while running his or her finger
smoothly under the text.
• Solo reading: encourage the child to read the book alone.
• Ask the child tofindthe Keywordson each page of the
story. Thenhave the childidentify the Keywords on the
grid below.
• Read through the book often.
Can you find the Keywords?
be but would to
going then too said
We Are Going to the Beach: a Keywords for Kids story
Author: Judy Tuer
Illustrator: Alyssa Josue
© 2017 Judy Tuer
The moral rights of the creators have been asserted.
All rights reserved. This publication (or any part of it) may not be reproduced
or transmitted, copied, stored, distributed or otherwise made available by
any person or entity in any form (electronic, digital, optical, mechanical) or
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written permission from the publisher.
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