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One cold grown hat went into a lot of bumps.Then put a show on the cat.The cat hop on a hook,Then made my mother shake like a cat.

The cat went high and high to reach the top of a funny fox.

He looked down at the show,Then jumped in a lot of boxes.The cat said to sally that I don't want lots of plots ,so sally shake me as hard as she can.I hop and hop home in my high hat and step on a Trick for books.

When i step on my door mat i hear a fish on a dish ,cat in a box ,books falling on the floor and a funny game going on.

I jump into a little door,when sally was looking at me in a shake way.THen i jump look back and i saw a white man with a red hat.I ran out of home and jump into a box,swim into a fish and jump in a funny way.