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Life of my father as a young man

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Gumaro Huerta's life as a young man

My father was not born in a hospital like most people. He was born in my great granpa's house on April 10, 1967 to Rafael Huerta and Maria Trinidad. He was the second oldest out of eight (Huerta).

        My dad's father, my grandpa, wasnt really in my dads life all through his early years. My grandpa spent most of those years in the U.S.A working. With my grandpa sending little to no money, my dad at the age of nine and his oldest brother started to work on field growing crops. "Even Though I worked, I still went to school I had to walk 1 hour just to get there"(Huerta). My dad says that school was very important to him. That is why he tried to finish college, but he had no more money to keep paying for his college expenses(Huerta). "Your dad was a very hard worker he did everything for us. He was more of a father than a brother to us"(Tejeda).

Early Years


My dad when he was 4

Coming to America 

Now my father in his late teens decided he would come to America. At only the age of 18 or 19 he came to the U.S.A illegally. He lived with my grandpa and his older brother in McAllen, Texas for a few years."When I lived with my father I noticed some days he would have money and others he didn't have a penny . This was because of his gambling addiction"(Huerta). That made him not want to be like him so my father moved out.

         Then a few years after that, my father was deported back to mexico. Later he became a US resident with the Immigration Reform and Control act of 1987."Your father was a very good man. He had determination in the things he did. That is one of the things I loved about him"(Duran). Then a few years after that, my mom and dad got married.

My dad at 20 years of age

MY DAD-p.s thats a beard not a shadow

Other Pictures

Town My Grew up In-Teocaltiche,Jalisco

The place my dad lived in the usa

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