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A Better Woman For A Better America

Elizabeth G. Alban



Early Life

Elizabeth Alban was

born on December 5, 1962 and was raised in Dallas, Texas. Elizabeth has 2 brothers and a sister which are all older. Elizabeth's mom's name is Jen and her dad's name is Mike Kimbell.


After Life 


   Elizabeth got married to George Alban in 1998. Then in 2000 she had two tiwns named Chase and Bella Alban.In 2005 she was elected mayor of a small town in Texas named Rockwall. Elizabeth won and she was mayor for four years.Then she was the county executive of Dallas county, Texas. After six years of county executive she won the election for state represenitive of Texas. Then she was elected govener of Texas. 



In her last couple of years in high school, she loved to study political science. For college she decided to go to Texas A&M. Even though she go many applications to other colleges.Elizabeth got a bachelor's degree in political scince.Then got a law degree from Texas A&M and became valdictorian of her class.

 Snap Shot Bio

Elizabeth loves to paint 


She also love to raise money for public schools 


She really loves to watch aggie sports 


Elizabeth loves to do science experiments in her free time


She loves to play volleyball




 She wanted lowerd taxes because people are getting charged alot and can't affored  their needs. 





  Elizabeth wants to put more money towards public schools because private schools get alot of money from their entarance fee.


   She want's to give more money to the millatry and other countrys because if they need food and weponds or are hurt we could lend them money if they need it.



     She wants to sstop using fosil fuels because one day they are going to run out,and we could start to use some renewable energy.

Gun Control

     She wants stricter gun control laws because she feels that it is getting out of control. Too many innocent people are dying because of it.