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This biography is about the famous Walt Disney and the legacy he left behind.

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     Walter Elias Disney, as many know is the creator of the world famous Disney Parks and movies.Better known as Walt Disney, his most famous creation was Mickey Mouse. This lovable character soon turned into a world known icon. 

     Walt founded Walt Disney Productions with his brother Roy Disney, and together they created a legacy. Walt began Disney with the production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Many believed he would not be successful due to his past failed businesses, but Walt proved them wrong. The first Disney theme park opened in 1955, and from this Walt took control of the family entertainment industry.

He mixed his creativity to the business world, and this led to his success. Though many believed he would not make it, Walt was motivated to boost his company into the world. His purpose was to entertain. As a child, Walt drew and created his own fantasies, thus his creativity leading to his motivation to create something with it. Walt Disney Production led to many years of family entertainment and revolutionized the industry. Many years later, Walt's creations have taken over the world, and while he may not be alive, his legacy lives on.