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  1. Decide your goals- Research and decide how much money you want to make in one year.


  1. Make a business plan- Make sure you know what you are doing. For example, you need to know about accounting and marketing. You could also read business books.


  1. Be knowledge about dogs- You need to know about dogs. Research about dogs, dog handling skills, dog behavior, popular dog breeds and dogs in general.


  1. Know your limits- Get to know your types of dogs. Know whether or not the type of dog breed you are more comfortable with.


  1. Toot your own horn- If you are new to this business making a website is a good idea. People won’t want to hire you to walk their dog if they don't know about it.

King's Dog Walking Care 

Dog Walking Tips 

  1. Practice safety- Know the type of breed, know the best places to walk that type of dog.


  1. Learn to read bad situations- Read the dog's body language, be aware of your surroundings, and avoid walking past other dogs while walking your own.


  1. All walking paths are not equal- It's best to walk the dogs in a place calmer. The surrounding environment is important. Midday is not a good time to walk dogs.


  1. Set your own boundaries- Decide whether or not you want to go past just walking the dog. For example taking them to the groom or bathing them yourself.


  1. Start small- If you are good at handling dogs you can walk more than one but if not try starting small by walking one dog at a time

  • Don't get this job if you don't like dogs.


  • You need to be a people person and a dog person.


  • Be responsible.


  • How much charge?


  • Know how many dogs you can walk at a time.


  • Know how many times you will walk their dog.


  • Avoid dogs with bad behavior.


  • Clean up after the dogs.