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                                             Hip Hop is Poetry

    Brinda KEMGNE


I love my family

I got nothin' to lose 

Just learn with them 

God is in control of everything

Nothin' to lose


It means that the family is there to protect you and not to 

destroy you but all this with the belief of shows you 

have nothing to lose when you have family

Livin' life without fear

Cause God is in control

If you are afraid just to think that

it was all a dream.

It means that Life is nothing because tomorrow everyone 

will die so it is useless to be afraid.

It shows that Life is worth nothing but nothing is worth life.

Live your life as you can 

Don't care who they offend 

Do as God guides you

Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem

Because God can make you what he wants.

It means that Those who offend others will always be behind others.

It shows that The chatterboxes are always the last.