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By: Guy Lovelace 

3. ABC Poem 

4. Cinquain Poem 

5. Haiku Poem 

6. Shape Poem 

7. Acrostic poem 

8. Elegy Poem 

9. List Poem 

10.Limerick poem 

11.Senryu Poem 

13. Epitaph Poem 

14. Diamante poem 


ABC ( Chocolate ) 

Chocolate is my favorite 

Dripping down my hand 

Eating it quickly 

Fearing it will melt 

Cinquain  ( Dragons ) 



Strong, Fierce

Fly, Walk, Soar

A dragon is fierce 


Haiku ( Polar Bear )

Roaring growling 

Teeth thrashing and Ice crashing 

White and fluffy feet 



As hot as the sun

Rushing lava quickly rises

The ground is rumbling, shaking

Red and orange lava threatens to overspill

Suddenly a red fury rises inside him, screaming

The volcano stands isolated and calm, but not for long

Shape ( volcano )

Acrostic ( candy )

Crunchy chewy


Nice and sweet

Delightful and delicious

Yummy treat

I broke my foot, and you kissed me that night, in front of my car.
I could barely walk, but I floated away.
It all began and ended, as powerful as a hurricane.
What we had was taken too soon, and your mother didn’t approve.
She never did like me much, but that didn’t stop you.
We bloomed, like a flower on a warm sunny day.
Until that fateful day when I heard the news.
There had been an accident. The driver didn’t see you.
Frozen in time, as I was informed of your demise.
I couldn’t move, as my heart sank to the depths of the cold dark ocean.
Frost bitten, as time stood still.
Ship wrecked as my world came crashing down.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
I couldn’t believe this was the end.
I couldn’t believe you were gone.
Emotion like waves crashing and turning.
By the time my foot healed, you were gone.
The funeral came and everything blurred together.
Your art on display, a museum dedicated to you.
Your mother, finally recognized me, as I looked over you laying there.
I’ll never forget the pain in her eyes, as she thanked me and apologized.
This ship has run aground, unable to ever sail again 

Elegy ( Waves  ) 


List Poem ( Live, love, pray )

I think cake is so yummy

It always fills my tummy

And it's fun to bake

Oh dear sweet cake

I love you like a Halloween mummy! 

Limerick ( Cake )

Pretty red flower 

The buzzing bees really love 

Your pollen so sweet 

Senryu ( Flowers )

Buried here is a man 

Named Jake, Marrying 

A cannibal was his mistake 

Epitaph ( Buried )

Diamante ( Weather )



  humid, damp
refreshing, dripping, splattering
    wet, slippery, cold, slushy
     sliding, melting, freezing
        frigid, icy