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This booklet is the work and life of Joseph Barbera.

    Joseph Barbera

 Created By: Kimia Safvat


 Joseph Barbera was a american animator,

 director,  producer, storyboard artist, and cartoon artist, whose film and television cartoon characters entertained millions of fans worldwide for much of the 20th century.




Joseph Barbera was born March 24, 1911 in New York City. He found work at the MGM studios in 1936.  In 1938, he became partners with William Hanna. Together they  took charge of MGM's animation division from 1955 to 1957. This created the Hanna-Barbrea productions. In the late 1960s, they dominated the TV animation scene with hits like the Flintstones.Hanna died in 2001, but Barbera remained active until his own death on December 18, 2006. Joseph Hanna died of natural causes at his home in Studio City, California. He was 95 years old.