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A story about love and triumph.

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     Once upon a time in a land possibly far away, lies a place known as Norway. Two hearts are to be one, but one half is corrupted with power, and the other heart pure. The corrupted heart is known as Sir Richard. The purest heart of all belongs to Princess Kate.

     Sir Richard and Kate are planned to enter holy matrimony by force. The earliest account for girls to marry is 12 and for boys, 14. Love with affection is ignored, power is the true and only reason for the intertwining of these two hearts, set by Princess Kate’s father, the king of the land Norway, King Cedric. The King of Norway is planning the marriage due to the power of Sir Richard’s father, King Elvarg. The sole purpose of the marriage is political arrangement. The armies of Cedric and Elvarg must bond together to form a stronger army, yet this shall only occur if Kate takes Richard’s hand in marriage.

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     Yet a burning love within a knight known as Sir John, a young knight that serves under King Cedric’s regime. He is secretly in love with Princess Kate, and this will ultimately lead to the death of Sir Richard.

     A well known tradition in King Cedric’s family is to throw their successor, who is about to get married,  a festival. This festival for Kate and Richard’s preset marriage is called “The Autumn Sky Festival”. For the festival, King Cedric had found the best music he could find in the realm. The best in the land were known as Harry and William, the Troubadours. Harry and William for famous for playing the flute and the viol. They told stories from all over the realm about life and death through the songs they played. They wanted to be like great musician Leonel Power. The music in the medieval times was played for special occasions. Music was a big part of the festival, as it provided energy and melody for all the people of the festival.

     King Cedric had an abundant range of sporting events for all to utilize from archery and to jousting. If you had to set the score with a foe once and for all, this is where it shall happen! Sir John finally made up his mind to declare his burning love for Princess Kate, to do this he knew the only way was to beat Richard in every sport in the festival. Proving he was the worthiest knight for the hand of Kate.

     Sir John had been in love with Kate for years, admiring her beauty from afar. He will unveil his love to her today, even though he's aware that if the Princess had ever loved him back, they would both be sentenced to death for adultery. He believed his blazing love was worth the risk, for the hand of his dream woman.

“Sir Richard!” exclaimed Sir John.

“Who goes there?” questioned Sir Richard

"I challenge you to every sport in this festival for the hand of Princess Kate!"

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     The two knights set foot to the grand sporting area where King Cedric has had the events take place. Harry and William were at the grand sporting area playing music. They had started playing very exciting and upbeat on their viol and flute. The first event which Sir John and Sir Richard battled in is Archery. For years both Knights trained in The Butts, constantly improving their archery skills. Everyone was required by law to learn to wield a bow if they needed to defend their homes. Each Knight received three arrows. After 2 shots each, Sir John was favored victory against Sir Richard with 16 points to 12 points. Sir John knocked his final arrow, drew back...and released. He shot a perfect 10! No need for Richard to shoot another arrow, alas he couldn’t receive more than 10 points in one shot.

     The grand sport of jousting was next. Sir Richard and John saddled up, and prepared on each side of the tiltyard. With their harness on, they readied their lances. This battle only allowed one fall, and the knight who has fallen first was the loser. The King gestured a start, the joust was to begin. Immediately Richard had a head start, he falsely started, but nobody was there to see it. They clashed, and John fell to his defeat. Richard stared down John with a devilish smirk, "You scum," Richard whispers for only John to hear.

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     This was it...John could not lose here. He had to protect Kate's heart of paper with the art of sword fighting. "You shall never have the hand of my little flower!" exclaimed Richard.

     "What have you called my love?" questioned John, "You shall never see a flower once more!"

     "You do not control what I can or cannot see young paladin!"

     The battle had begun, and the knights have began to swing their shining blades for a woman they have claimed for themselves without consent of the woman herself.

     "Fools!" exclaimed Kate, "My love is not a prize! Not for your antics and armies! I am my own woman! You shant claim a woman!"

     John listened intently to the wondrous words of the love of his life, which Richard took to his advantage and hit John with his blade, making John fall to the ground. John realized his love was correct, but he could not ignore the fact that he was in a bloody battle!

     John jumped up and dodged the great swings of richard and stuck the knight with a fatal blow.  Richard, now barely with a breath, had said, "The hand of Kate is not for you to decide, by the order of the King I am lawfully right for the marriage of Princess Kate!" He stood up, asked for his steed, and galloped to his castle, that bloody wanker. He barely made it to his nurse to heal his wounds.

     Yet back at the festival, John standing before his love with the blood of his enemies on his hands, had said to his love, "My love, you are right in every way," he continued, "your love is not a prize, not for armies, and not for power. Your love is a beauty and only you can decide who to give it to, not your father and not King Elvarg. You are not an object, not a prize, but you are, my love. I have spent years admiring your beauty, from every angle during my knight training. I would see you enter and exit the castle with your hand on the balcony ledge, crying your heart out. I know, and I promise to be your love."

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     Princess Kate had thought of the words of the paladin, and had realized the intensity of the words he had said. She immediately decided he was the one who would claim her love.

     She stepped up to the knight, and told the knight she loved him, "John! you are my love, for thou had not realized your love before, but now I understand! You are my love!"

     "Oh Kate! My beloved, don't ye see the unlawfulness of our love? We shall be murdered if we beith caught." exclaimed John.

     "We shant get caught now, will we John?" remarked Kate.

     Months have passed, preparations for the marriage have commenced, and a love has been secretly created in the shadows. John and Kate's affair remained a secret, and the blazing love has grown. This was tragic for the young couple, for the set marriage would only bring a greater, eternal sadness as the love grew. For Kate was set off to become married to Sir Richard, a fortnight from yesterday.

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     13 days have passed, and Richard is standing proudly at the altar. Everyone is smiling and happy for the young couple! The whole church is filled with gems and jewels, a fine wedding at last! Yet a moping Kate drags her feet as she walks down the aisle, towards the monster before her. She looks at the smiling faces all around her, the women, men, and children. Her father had spent a fortune for this arrangement. She sees the finest wines are being drank, the richest suits and dresses being worn, and the brightest lights shining. Kate finally reaches the altar. Richard unveils Kate once she is standing before him. She is in tears.

John could not stand it any longer, a fiery had grown inside the knight! Sir John burst through the church doors!

     "Richard! You shant marry this woman!" He exclaimed with pride. Richard was shocked that John even had access to this very church. Before he could even draw his weapon, Kate was gone though the doors of the church in the arms of John.

     "After those bloody fools!" shouted King Cedric. Guards were dispatched from the church and found the couple on the run.They had been cornered, and all hope had been lost. John fought many guards, yet the princess had been taken away as he was in a battle with a rather... large guard.

      "John! John! My beloved! I shall always and forever be yours!" She said as she was being dragged away.

      "My love! I shall always save you! Wait for me for I shall be your savior!"

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     The princess had been charged with adultery with Sir John, and the princess was to be executed. The most famous form of torture was the guillotine. She was to be executed quickly, not a slow painful death like other forms of torture, such as the rack. The execution of Princess Kate was public, like most guillotine executions were. She was to be executed in the middle of the market, this form of torture was popular to the public in the middle ages. The guillotine executions were equivalent to football games today. The guillotine was created because all the forms of torture were so gruesome that they needed to make a device that was more humane than executing a person with an axe!  Harry and William even came to see the beheading of Princess Kate. Harry was too shook up to play with William. William was playing a slow and sad melody on his viol. As every man and woman alive lined up to see Princess Kate get her head chopped off, she weeped slowly and wished for Sir John. Little did she know, Sir John was already on his way there on his mighty steed, but was stopped by the one and only Sir Richard.

"You cannot murder my love!" Sir John exclaimed.

"You scum," Richard had said.


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 John jumped off his steed and set up to battle his mortal enemy. He unsheathed his blade to finally murder the one known as Sir Richard. He sprinted and put his blade up and clashed blades with Richard, they backed up and slashed at one another! Richard had been hit, and John had been hit as well. John ran up and jumped, pointed his blade down, and murdered the one known as Sir Richard. He cried as he wiped the blood off his blade. For John had suffered fatal wounds... and fell next to a overgrown willow tree. He felt his heart break and it was a greater pain the wounds he suffered, for he could not, and he never will, be Kate's savior.

     John planted his blade in the soil, looked up to the heavens, and whispered, "I have failed you, my beloved........"

     "I love you, forever...." cried Kate, and weeping Kate had been executed. Sir John and Princess Kate, a love that could never be, and never will be.

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