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Differences between French and English cultures, and a fun quiz that tests how french or american you are.

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Culture Shock Booklet


Culture is what people act like and do on a daily basis. It can be what they eat, how they act, and where they work or what they do. It is different in different places than it is in some other places but sometimes it is the same. Certain people are more deticated and follow their culture more than others do. My pamphlet will be about how the culture in France is different than the culture in America and how it is similar. 


When we great people in America we always say hello or wave. In Fance they have a greating for people they have already met and different greetings if they are an adult or they just met. When you meet a stranger in France you say bonjour but when you see a friend in France you say salut. In America you would say hello wether you meet a stranger or a friend. 


Meals in France are a little different from meals in America. In France they do not really eat breakfast and lunch is the biggest meal they have. Here dinner is our biggest meal of the day and we eat a big breakfast too. Meals in France are usually smaller but there are more courses than here and America. Also in France there meals at schools and at restaurants are more fresh and healthier also they are more gourmet. In France they do not eat as much junk food as they do here in America. 


France and America have a lot of differences in holidays and differences in how these holidays are celebrated. In France there are holidays there like Europe Day, Bastille Day and WWI Armistice Day that are not celibrated in America. Holidays that are celibrated in both France and America are celibrated differently though. For example on Halloween in America all the kids go out to peoples houses and ask for candy but in France they mostly just go to parties and do not really go trick or treating. The holiday is not as popular as it is in America.



In France there is an education system that is set up much like it is set up in America. There is a high school, elementary school and collage. They take classes on how to speak english there much like how we learn how to speak french here. 



 Food in France is bought more fresh because more people like to eat healthier and more nutritious there. People can get it from places like Le Bon Marche. Here chefs and costumers can buy there fresh foods for nice meals like most people and France do. In America, though, people find it easier to go to more fast food resteraunts like McDounalds, but sometimes people who are wealthier buy a lot of fresh foods too.  

Food culture 

Cities in France are not that different from cities in America, depending on where you are in eather of these places. In France there are more big buildings in the towns and a lot of famous monuments. In most places in America there are not big buildings but small houses. If you are in a more rural part of America, then you might find thigs like things you will find in France. Most people take trains, buses, taxis, cars, and subways just like America. In France there are stores like Micoureau Marie-France, and Lidl that serve fresh foods but in America there is McDounalds and Burger King that have more fast food instead of fresh food.

City Organization 

Homes in America and homes in France can very depending on how much money you have. People in America set up their house with a lot of decoration and make their houses look very nice and beautiful if they have a lot of money, or not a lot of kids they will also almost never have a messy or dirty house. If they have less money, or a lot of kids they will usually have a dirty house or a very messy house with not much decoration. In France most houses are the same way. If you have a lot of money then your house will look nice and it will be big just like it would be if you were American.

Home Organization  


Where is the Statue of Liberty located?

A. America

B. Italy 


Who discovered America? 

A. Christopher Colombus 

B. John Sam

When was France founded?

A. 1900

B. 1853

Who is Alizee?

A. a famous world travolor

B. a singer 



Is May 9th an important date? 

A. No

B. Yes


Who is George Washington?

A. the first president of the U.S

B. An actor


 Do you celeberate All Saints Day?

A. No 

B. Yes 



Do you eat a big breakfast? 

A. yes 

B. no


How do you greet people?

A. Say hello 

B. Say Salut 



What happens on Halloween?

A. Kids go trick or treating 

B. Adults go to parties 

B's= French

A's= American