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A Winning Sunday MCHS

$1,000 Peninsula Equine Medical Center Adult
Amateur Hunter Classic
Tonia Cook Looker and Deja Blue won the $1,000
Peninsula Equine Medical Center Adult Amateur
Hunter Classic in great style riding against a
eld of 17 entries. Tonia was thrilled with the
performance of her young horse. Shabnam H
Behzadpour on Escher followed on her heels to
take second place and Emily Goldberg on Salud
took home third.
“Deja Blue is a 6 year old Warmblood that we
bought in Holland towards the end of last year,
so this is his rst year of showing. Currently he is
doing the 6 year old Young Hunters as well as the
3’3” Pre-Green’s at some shows, in addition, I am
riding him in the Adult Amateurs this year” Tonia
shared. “He really is a lovely and very special
horse…..when we got him he was terried of
people, so it took us three months to get to touch
his face. He has come a long way.
The $1,000 Adult Amateur Hunter Classic is
sponsored by Peninsula Equine Medical Center.
Russ Peterson, MS Animal Nutrition, DVM,
President and CEO of Peninsula Equine, Inc.
was on hand to present the awards. “Menlo is a
wonderful horse show. Peninsula Equine Medical
Center has been sponsoring the class and been the
Ofcial Show Veterinarian for 42 years of the 49
years. I have seen the horses and riders evolve
over time and every year they get better and better.
A Winning Sunday in the Sun
at the 49th Annual Menlo
Charity Horse Show
Winner of the $1,000 Peninsula Equine A/A Hunter Classic NAL Tonia Cook Looker & Deja Blue Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media
Winner of the $5,000 China Blue Farm 3’6 AO Classic Alexis Meadows & Antwerp Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media
It is wonderful to come and watch the horses and
see them performing, not only when they have a
problem. This is why the Adult Amateur Hunter
Classic is the class we really enjoy sponsoring;
with a lot of people we know and a lot we don’t
know taking part.”
$5,000 China Blue Farm 3’6 Adult Amateur
The competition was stiff in the $5,000 China
Blue Farm 3’6” Adult Amateur Hunter Classic
in the Grass Hunter Ring. In the end, it would be
Alexis Meadows and her own Antwerp leading the
victory gallop. Alexis also took home the second
place ribbon with Legato and Jacqueline Attwood-
dupont on Black Label placed third.
“It has been a great day….. this is the last day in
our three-week tour up here in Northern California.
Our barn came up for MCHS as it is so big for
World Hunter Awards. I denitely did not think
the day would end on a great note like this….what
a pleasure.
Antwerp is really special to me. I have had him for
six years now, and he has taught me so much, both
in and out of the saddle. We went to Indoors last
year….a lot of work went into that, and to see him
go out there feel that condent on the grass (when
it is not usually his favorite) was fantastic. Today
he went above and beyond for me as he usually
does.” Alexis explained.
Priscilla Tamkin of China Blue Farm Sponsored
the classic. The farm is located in the Santa Ynes
Valley of California is devoted to breeding and
developing top hunters, jumpers and equitation
Cynthia Hyde and Hey Sugar!
Photograph by Alden Corrigan Media
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Photo Credit ©Alden Corrigan Media
1.20m Junior/ Amateur Owner / Amateur
Jumper Classic
Lauren Kee on her own Black Irish was over the
moon with her rst win at MCHS against eighteen
entries. The high standards this year made for an
exciting class. “He is the best horse I could ever
ask for. This horse took me through the levels
to 1.30m, but now since I am in college I do the
1.20m when I can to have fun. I really want to
thank Matias Fernandez, my trainer who has been
wonderful. I could not do this without my parents
Linda Twomey and Stephen Kee, and I can’t thank
them enough for the time and effort they put into
supporting me and making this happen.”
The 1.20m Junior/ Amateur Owner / Amateur
Jumper Classic is sponsored by John Charlebois,
Owner and Trainer at Charlebois Farm. “I have
been coming to MCHS since 1980 and over the
years. I sponsored when I was with Chalk Hill
Winery, and then when I moved down here I
wanted to be part of it, and a real part of it so I
gave it a lot of thought and felt that an Amateur or
Junior Amateur Jumper Class would be good for
us. It supports kids, it supports Amateur Jumpers
and it is a great venue to sponsor something at.
MCHS does everything for the exhibitor, they are
extremely nice, and go out of their way to help
make it a great experience……And Menlo is in
my home town. My business is only 3 miles away,
so it certainly helps my business too.”
Menlo Charity Horse Show thanks you for
joining us a this years event and looks forward
to welcoming you back for the 2020 50th
Anniversary. #MENLO2020
Winner of the 1.20m Junior Amatuer Owner Amateur Jumper Classic Sponsored by Charlebois Farm Lauren Kee & Black Irish Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media
Winner of the 1.20m Junior Amatuer Owner Amateur Jumper Classic Sponsored by Charlebois Farm Lauren Kee & Black Irish Photo ©Alden Corrigan Media