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United States Population


 This relates because depending on which languages are spoken in different parts of the country, more people might be living in an area of the U.S. If a certain language that a person prefers to speak is being spoken in a certain part of the U.S, they may want to live there because of personal preference.


This is a map of the populations rates of the United states. This relates because it shows where the most population is in the United States.


A chain of closely linked metropolitan areas along the east coast forms the Boswash Megalopolis. These cities provide an important link to the rest of the world.


A metropolitan area needs at least 50,000 people for it to be considered metropolitan.


Urban Sprawl - suburban development - more and more people moving to suburbs



Urbanization is an important word to know because it represents people moving from rural areas to more urban. That is important because as Cities grew mechanized agriculture required fewer workers so people moved to cities in search of work.


Important terms to know: 

- The term immigration should be known because the diversity that is in America is caused by people immigrating from their countries to ours. America is among the most diverse countries in the world.


You should know the term sunbelt because it represents the fastest growing areas in the United States. This area includes California, Arizona, and New Mexico