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This is a common dish in French Guiana. It's called Fricassee. It's made with rice and beans served with wild game meat including paca, collared peccary and tapir.

  • French Guiana
  • By:Grace Hinkel

French Guiana's national sport is Football. But it's called soccer for us.


The President of France appoints the Prefect.  The Prefect is the chief of state of French Guiana. 

 General Council and Regional Council elected by popular vote. 

The capital city of French Guiana is Cayenne.

Style of Government

Semi Presidential system of government.

Basic Information


The Regional and General Councils act as French Guiana's executive bodies therefore they make the laws.


French Guiana is humid and dry from July to November. From there it's mostly rainy from December to June. 

The total rainfall in French Guiana is more than 2,500 millimetres or about 8.2 feet.


The climate of the tropical lowlands and the highland valleys are almost exactly the same. In both it is very humid and rains a lot.

French Guiana has tropical lowlands and highland valleys.

Three major man made features in French Guiana are the Guiana Space Centre, Fort Diamant, and Zoo de Guyane.

Human Features

Natural Resources in French Guiana include bauxite, timber, and kaolin.

Natural Resources

Three major industries in French Guiana are Shrimp processing, Rum, and Gold Mining.


This is one of the rum's in French Guiana. 

Rum is an alcohol that is made from cane sugar.

  1. Rice
  2. Manioc (Tapioca)
  3. Bananas



French is the official language, however most people speak Creole Patois. 

Creole Patois is a blend of languages. English is also widely spoken.

This is one of the major holidays in French Guiana. This is Bastille Day. It happens every year on July 14th, they celebrate a turning point that happened during the French Revolution.


The religion in French Guiana is Roman Catholic. This is a Roman Catholic church in French Guiana.

Major Holidays

Bastille Day(July 14th), Labor Day(May 1st), Easter, Christmas, Carnival(Celebrated for the three days before lent).


Roman Catholic  

These are the two flags of the most widely spoken languages in French Guiana. The two flags are the American Flag and the French Flag. The American Flag represents the english language. The French Flag represents the french language.