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Protect Yourself Online


*Do unto others what you would want them to do unto you


*Have good behavior


*Lurk before you leap


*Respect other's time


*Watch what you say


*Help out if you know


*Help diminish flame wars


*Respect privacy


*Dont abuse your power


*Forgive mistakes






~Different passwords for accounts


~Dont use personal information in passwords


~Use lowercase,uppercase,and numbers in password


~Avoid using passwords on unsecure networks










Blog-a web page that is constantly updated


Flaming-a voilent message posted on the internet


P2P-a way that tasks or work load between peers are shared


Phishing-defrauding an online account holder


Podcast-a digital audio made availabe to download


Aggregator-a program that collects content and display them as links

Digital Life 101