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A short biography of Jaylen Bledsoe.

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Biography: Jaylen Bledsoe

Jaylen Bledsoe is an amazing entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and technical prodigy. He started at the age of 12 when he started his own Information Technology Consulting business. The business was called Bledsoe Technologies, LLC and then with $100, started marketing his technology services. He later got 150 contractors working for him within two years. After knowing the importance, he began to rebrand his company to The Jaylen Bledsoe Global Group.

Jaylen started this business by wanting to be successful and likes to take risk. He had a mentor named Scott Chinook that help him along the way. He told Jaylen to jump back up and keep going because you're young and need to move forward. Also to take risk and make an effort to strive toward excellence in everything he chose to do.

The business that Jaylen started is the holding company of several brands and business development consulting firm for major brands and celebrities. The clients he works with like Jordin Sparks and Steve Harvey. The companies owned by the Global Group include, but ae not limited to. Also the Global Group is the developing company behind the Young Entrepreneur University.

Jaylen's business wants to focus in improving brand growth and technology to major private, public, and educational organization. Also to grow curriculum and camp education and inspiring young minds to be entrepreneurs. Finally to multifaceted and includes start up businesses, brand and business development, Venture Capital Funding, direct marketing platform development and implementation, entrepreneurship, and increasing revenue streams. 

Jaylen is currently serves in many community and was awarded "Presidential Academic Excellence Award" from President Barack Obama in 2009. In Jaylen Bledsoe's words, "Don't let your setback cause you to sit back, prepare for you comeback."