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The Lemur


 By: Jaci Creel

Dedicated to Miami Zoo this zoo got me into lemurs by letting us play with them

The Lemur

By:Jaci Creel

Published on February 6,2017 in Mrs.Scott's Reading Class

Table of Contents

pg 6-Where It Lives

pg 8-Chapter 2-Size,Invertabrate,or Verterbrate


pg 10-Chapter 3-Eating Habits


pg 12-Chapter 4-Adaptations


pg 14-Chapter 5-Discription


pg 16-Chapter 6-Interesting Facts


pg 18-About the Auther

     The lemur lives in Madagascar.Madagascar is Comoro Island off the coast of Africa.The Lemur lives in the canopy but it stays on the forest floor most of its time.

Chapter 1 -Where It lives 

     The Lemur is a verterbrate.The size is as small as a average size house cat.The size of th Ring Tailed Lemur is weighs 4.9 lbs and the size of the Aye-Aye wieghs 5 lbs.

Chapter 2-Size,Inverterbrate,or Vertebrate

The Lemurs love to eat all diffrent types fruit,leaves,flowers,tree bark,sap,and also nuts.

Chapter 3-Eating Habits

Chapter 4-Adaptations 

    The Lemur have their abelety to jump.It helps them because if a preteder trys to get the Lemur it can jump in the tree real high.They have a good senses.They have good hearing that is good because if a preteder trys to seek up behide the Lemur it can jump up in a tree or hide.

Chapter 5-Description

The Lemurs have a coat of soft,thick,wooly fur.The fur on their body is brownish gray and their are ringed with white and black fur.

The ringed tailed Lemur can live up to 30 years old.The name Lemur in Latian for "Spirits of the night."The ring tailed Lemur spends more time on the forest floor than other types of Lemurs.There are 2,000 ring tailed Lemurs in the world.there are 1,000 Aye-Aye Lemurs left in the world.There was one type of Lemur that weighed over 400 pounds but it is extinct.

Chapter 6-Intresting facts

About the Author

   Hello,my name is Jaci/Juicy.But for now on you can call me Juicy.I'm 10 years old.I love to do gymnastics.I'm very flexable.I love to do sports.I'm very active.I'm at Montana Magnet School in the 5'th grade.I love my baby cats Baby,and Flokey.Baby is my cat Flokey is my brothers cat but i'm stealing it. I have 3 brothers but one does not live with me.I love to go fishing I started to fish when I was about 3 years old.Last,I'm caring.(sometimes)